Augmentation Mastopexy In A Single Procedure (Single Stage)

Our Plastic Surgeons combine two forms of cosmetic breast surgery into a single procedure for suitable patients. This surgical approach of breast implants with lift allows for the simultaneous treatment of insufficient volume and sagging.The increase in breast size that occurs with pregnancy typically dissipates following the delivery of a child. The result of this volume loss is an underfilled, sagging skin envelope that many women find unpleasant. This condition is often accompanied by an unnaturally lowered nipple/areola (ptosis). A breast lift and augmentation are procedures designed to address these concerns. A lift alone can correct ptosis, but will leave the patient with an underfilled breast, while implant placement without a lift may provide insufficient enhancement (and nipples that are still affected by ptosis). Your surgeon compensates for these traditional drawbacks by combining the breast lift and augmentation into a single procedure. This option is suitable for about 50% of his patients and is recommended at the time of consultation.BREAST LIFT AND AUGMENTATIONHowever, performing both forms of surgery at once creates an extra level of difficulty that must be taken into consideration. One of the main issues involved with the dual treatment approach involves skin changes. Breast augmentation naturally leads to increased volume and a larger surface area, but a mastopexy/lift involves skin reduction. In order to avoid potential complications, we take care to leave excess skin that can lift the areola (correcting ptosis) and properly accommodate the size of an implant. As part of this, we also work to avoid creating unnecessary skin tension. This level of caution decreases the chances of adversely affecting blood supply and creating an aesthetically displeasing scar.

Despite the increased difficulty of our unique approach to augmentation mastoplexy, the advantages outweigh the minimal risks involved with the procedure for suitable patients. Combining the breast lift and breast implant placement into a single surgery has the following benefits:

Reduces costs

[icon_list_item type=”angle-right” class=”doc-subhead”]Only one anaesthetic

Only one recovery period

We have observed that performing a mastopexy and augmentation at the same time has a very low revision rate, long lasting results and rarely leads to major complications. However, performing a breast lift with implants at different times may be a more suitable option for some patients. READ MORE ABOUT STAGED AUGMENTATION MASTOPEXY.




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