Breast Augmentation for Fitness Models

Female fitness models and athletes require breast augmentation that is customized to their unique needs. A career that centers on maintaining a great looking body can’t be interrupted by a procedure that leaves behind bad results.A UNIQUE APPROACH TO BREAST AUGMENTATION FOR FITNESS MODELSThe most common problem faced by female athletes and fitness models is that constant body improvement may lead to sagging or diminished breasts. The pursuit of a flawless body involves muscle building and a strict diet that works to define the body, even as it causes the breasts to disappear. Since the female breast is primarily composed of the same fat that athletes and fitness models work to burn, the breasts will almost always suffer as a result of improving the rest of the body.

Many fitness models seek breast augmentation in order to correct this. Our Plastic Surgeons are aware of the differences between the goals of a model and a non-model, so he tailors his surgical approach in order to provide athletic women with a surgical experience that works for their unique physiology.BREAST IMPLANT SIZE, TYPE AND POSITIONINGFitness models almost always have greater muscle mass than non-athletic patients. As a result, breast implants are almost always placed underneath the pectoral muscles (sub-pectoral placement) to ensure a natural-looking outcome. For highly muscular competitive body builders that have to flex their muscles on stage during a competition, placing the implants above the muscle may also be considered.

Increased muscle mass also means that your Plastic Surgeon must select implants that are sized in proportion to a fitness model’s body. Rather than simply selecting larger implants, we recommend implants with specific profiles. Years of strength training and fat loss mean that models have typically lost upper pole breast mass, volume from the breast’s superior and superior-medial poles (this can visualized as 8 and 12 on an analogue clock) and general breast fullness.

The implants must also be chosen in proportion to the dimensions of a woman’s chest wall. One of the most important goals of the procedure is to create great cleavage by using wide diameter implants without leading to a unified-looking breast (symmastia). We carefully measure the patient’s chest wall before selecting implants based on these figures to maximize cleavage and leave behind a pleasing, natural-looking result. This approach works well for all patients, regardless of whether they wish to enhance their bust size by a small or large amount.SALINE VERSUS SILICONE BREAST IMPLANTSAny woman with less than 15% body fat will experience a rippling effect if saline implants are used. As a result, cohesive silicone implants tend to be a much better option for fitness models seeking breast augmentation. The visible rippling effect frequently associated with saline implants can negatively affect the appearance of the breasts, and is more apparent in patients with a low body fat percentage. When silicone implants are used, rippling is far less visible.




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