Breast Augmentation in Toronto: Which Implant Size Is Right For Me?

If you’re planning a breast augmentation in Toronto and agonizing over the size of your implants, it can be a frustrating and confusing feeling. Many people get a little hung up on this point so don’t worry, you’re in good company. Today we’ll explain how sizing works and why you shouldn’t worry about a number at all.

Dimensional Sizing For Toronto Breast Augmentation

At Edelstein Cosmetic, multiple factors help determine the best implant size for each patient. Your breast measurements, existing tissue, chest wall and your desired look are all crucial factors to identify ideal options.Your plastic surgeon will measure your chest and talk with you about the aesthetic of various implant types and projections. Based on the implant diameters that fit your body well, you have variable projection choices that can ultimately change your cup size and shape.

How Are Implant Volumes Determined?

Many people ask to try on a cup size, but they may not be aware that bra cup sizes are wholly unregulated and will vary dramatically between manufacturers or different bodies. For instance, petite, narrow bra bands may display a “D” for the same volume of breast tissue that would equal only a “B” on a wider band.As well, the same implant will achieve different results on different bodies. Two friends may choose the same implant and one end up a 34D while the other is a 36B. The reasons have to do with their chest dimensions and existing, natural breast tissue. That’s another reason not to worry about implant volumes and instead, choose the proportion you like best.We recommend you select from your surgeon’s recommendations the implant that best matches the look you’re after, then don’t be discouraged if you discover it’s smaller or bigger than you expected.

We ask patients to bring a form-fitting, light-coloured T-shirt to consultations so they can try the real implants on and get an accurate feel for how they’ll appear. Bring a friend whose opinion you trust and have fun with it!

What Can You Do At Home?

There are some handy ways to play with sizes at home, and though they are far from an exact science, they may help you mentally adjust to seeing volume where you didn’t have it before.First, the “rice test” is relatively simple to carry out. Using a thin, plastic bag, pour dry, uncooked rice into the bag at the volumes you are interested in (or just try random amounts to see what you like).  Remember that one ml equals one cc so if your option was 350ccs, pour 350 ml of dry rice into a baggie, remove the air and seal it. You can then place it next to your skin in a thin, form-fitting bra and try on your clothes.Some people prefer to use water similarly to make a sizer at home with the feel of a saline implant. Use a plastic bag and the same measuring methods.Pro tip:  When stuck between two options, it helps to keep in mind that an ordinary tablespoon is roughly equivalent to 15cc/ml. So, if you’re agonizing over an implant difference that small, remember what a tablespoon looks like, and know that most women are happy to have gone slightly bigger, rather than slightly smaller.If you have further questions about breast augmentation in Toronto, we’re happy to help. Contact Edelstein Cosmetic today and let us get you a step closer to the body you’re dreaming of.




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