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How Do I Choose The Perfect Implant For Myself?

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By Jerome Edelstein, MD

Many women know they want breast augmentation to feel comfortable and confident after weight loss, pregnancy, surgery, or to improve their self-esteem but the number of implant options and considerations can seem overwhelming. Between silicone, saline; and how much you want your implants to stand out, there is a breast implant for every woman’s body type and aesthetic preference. Learning the basics of each option is empowering and will be helpful when taking the next step and booking a consultation with the plastic surgeon.

Types of Breast Implants: Silicone Or Saline?

The first choice many women will have to consider when choosing breast implants is the option between silicone and saline:

Silicone implants may be best suited to women that are very thin and/or have very little skin and fat, to hide the implants. This type of implant is durable and prefilled with medical grade silicone gel with a consistency that resembles natural breast tissue.

Benefits Of Silicone Implants

– Filled with cohesive gel that better resembles natural breast tissue.
– Less rippling.
– The implants are pre-filled, making results predictable.

Saline implants differ from silicone in that the size can be adjusted during the breast implant procedure and this can create better symmetry. Saline is also absorbed in the body and 100% safe if the implant were to ever leak or rupture. The saline is enclosed in an outer silicone shell.

Benefits Of Saline Implants

– A firmer feel than silicone (ie less natural feeling)
– Less expensive
– Adjustable, making them ideal for women with considerable breast asymmetry
– A smaller incision for the bigger implants

The newest type of saline implant is called the Ideal Implant. It has a complex structure, and was designed to give the implant the look and feel of silicone, without the risks and hassle of silicone.

Women interested in breast implants can be assured that their surgeon will match their requirements, body type and breast anatomy with the correct type of implant. However, this is combined with considerations that are personal to every individual. One of these options is how much the patient wants her breasts to stand out. Some women want noticeably large breasts while others want their breast augmentation to be proportional and natural, to rejuvenate their breast’s former feel and shape after weight loss, pregnancy or surgery.

High, Medium And Low Profile Implants

High, medium and low profile implants refers to how much the implant will project forward from the chest wall. Low profile implants are very well suited to women with wider chests. Moderate profile is universally flattering and tends to suit women with a narrower chest. High profile offers a full, round look, and a lot of lift. The high profile implant in many cases is the implant of choice for women with narrow chests, and those who prefer a full and noticeable look.

During a consultation with the surgeon, measurements are taken to determine if high, medium or low profile implants are the right choice. Based on the recommendations, women can determine the profile they like most.

Visiting our clinic for a consultation is the best way to receive detailed information and an assessment to help with selecting the best type of implant for your desired look and body type. Book a consultation with Dr. Edelstein or Dr. Jindal today by dialing 416-256-5614.

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