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Every Toronto Breast Augmentation Needs A Great Recovery Plan

Planning for your Toronto breast augmentation is an important and exciting time. By putting together a recovery plan and making the necessary arrangements prior to your procedure, you can go in to the surgery with peace of mind knowing that you can allow yourself the necessary rest needed to recover.

When it comes to breast augmentation in Toronto, Edelstein Cosmetic is well known as one of the leading cosmetic surgery clinics in the area. Drs. Jerome Edelstein and Kunaal Jindal are renowned surgeons, specializing in breast augmentation and body contouring procedures. Following a meticulous and patient-centered approach, they provide a comprehensive set of guidelines for post-operative care to all their patients.

Here we will sum some of the guidelines that are important to know ahead of your procedure.

The first week after your procedure will be a little challenging. Although Drs. Edelstein and Jindal take many pre-emptive measures to make recovery as smooth and quick as possible, it is important to remember that breast augmentation is a complex surgical procedure requiring adequate rest for the body to heal.

In the first week, you will find that you have a limited range of motion, are sore and uncomfortable, and you may feel low on energy.

During this time it is helpful to have planned ahead for sufficient time off work as well as to have someone help take care of household chores, meal preparation, childcare and pet related responsibilities.

It is also important to account for the emotional component of your recovery. Many women aren’t prepared for the emotional rollercoaster they experience following the procedure. Not being able to do simple things you are accustomed to often leaves patients feeling depressed and even isolated.  Having a support system in place during your recovery period can greatly help to alleviate these feelings and keep your spirits up.

There are also a few essentials that are helpful to stock up on prior to your Toronto Breast Augmentation:

  • Clothes that are easy to take off and put on – ideally with buttons or a zipper since raising your arms will be painful for the first week or so
  • Pre-cooked or easy to prepare meals – Keep in mind that it is likely you will have a decreased appetite especially for the first 24 hours due to the effects of the anaesthesia. However, to avoid dehydration, make sure that you drink plenty of water
  • Facial wipes to freshen up
  • Cotton squares or nursing pads for sensitive nipples
  • Multiple big and firm pillows so that you can recline comfortably while elevating the head and shoulders
  • It is also helpful to fill any prescription provided by your doctor prior to the procedure, or assign the task to a friend so that you do not have to deal with this during your recovery.
If you are considering a breast augmentation in Toronto and would like more information on how to ensure a comfortable recovery period, we invite you to contact our clinic for a complimentary consultation.

Our leading plastic surgeons have extensive experience in breast augmentation surgery and technique.  They will be happy to answer all your questions and recommend the best type of treatment for you.

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