Fake Looking Breast Augmentation

If you’re interested in breast augmentation it’s likely that your primary concern is exactly how you will look once all is said and done. Depending on the approach taken by your Plastic Surgeon, your breasts can appear either natural or noticeably enhanced. The difference between these two looks is caused by factors such as implant size and placement.

Implant Placement

Generally speaking, implants that are positioned behind the pectoral muscle (subpectoral/submuscular) tend to look more natural because they are hidden more by both muscle and breast tissue. Placing the implants under the breast itself (submammary) gives a rounder “faker-looking” breast augmentation. It’s important that if a submammary pocket is chosen¸ that you have enough upper breast tissue to cover the implant properly so that you don’t see an obvious upper edge to the implant.

Implant Size

The size of your implants will, of course, make a big difference as well. Usually, the primary goal of patients is to achieve a proportionate appearance. To do this, your surgeon suggests an implant size based on the specific measurements they take during the consultation process. You are free to choose a size that goes beyond what has been suggested.[x_video_embed]CHARACTERISTICS OF FAKE LOOK BREAST AUGMENTATION

Unnaturally wide breast positioning

Breasts that are positioned too high on the chest

Overly prominent cleavage (especially while wearing a bra)

A chest that appears too large in proportion to the rest of the body

Overly rounded breasts that look “bolted on”

WHICH LOOK IS RIGHT FOR YOU?Every woman has different tastes, meaning that there is no objectively “right” type of breast augmentation for everyone. While some patients want their enhancement to be subtle and tailored to the shape of their body, others may wish for a more noticeable look. Neither goal is more “correct” than the other.

It is important to note, though, that your body type plays a large role in how your surgeon will approach the augmentation procedure. The shape and size of your natural breasts, amount of sagging or drooping (ptosis), the integrity and amount of your breast tissue, and the long-term effects inherent to certain surgical techniques will also be used to determine the type of procedure you’re best suited for. A skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon will never put your health in jeopardy, but will work with you to create exactly the kind of results you desire. Whether that involves a noticeably enhanced or natural looking outcome is completely up to you.




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