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How Modern Toronto Breast Augmentation Procedures Reduce Scarring

A leading concern surrounding any cosmetic surgery procedure is the potential for scarring. Most people don’t want signs of their procedure to be obvious, and they don’t want unnecessary marks on their skin. Today’s advanced medical techniques have greatly improved the recovery from breast augmentation in Toronto Breast and reduced visibility of scarring for results that are more natural than ever.

If someone is self-conscious about the appearance of their breasts or another body part, adding a visible scar to the area might not be an ideal trade-off. Most people understand that any invasive, surgical method will compromise the skin and leave some degree of scarring but exactly how big, in what location and how visible it will be, are the deciding factors. When weighing the pros and cons of scars versus enlarged, beautiful breasts, most women want to have these three questions answered.

How big will my Toronto breast augmentation scars be?

In the past, long scars, even vertically under the breast, were typical for breast augmentation. Past methods required the insertion of drains and prolonged, painful recovery time. Modern surgical techniques allow a plastic surgeon to visualize an area, create a precise pocket, conduct careful cautery, then place the implant, all with minimal bleeding or tissue trauma. Today, they can do more, with less, so to speak. A relatively large breast implant can be placed through a small, 3-4 cm incision. The invention of single-use sterile insertion devices such as the Keller Funnel have facilitated even more delicate, effective implant insertion and further protect the patient from infection risk. While silicone gel implants can be passed through surprisingly tiny openings, saline implants are filled once inside the body, so they are rolled extremely tightly and inserted through an even smaller incision yet.

Where are Breast Augmentation scars placed?

There are three popular locations that most plastic surgeons and patients prefer. By far, the number one option for most patients is the inframammary crease, or, breast fold. This location is under the breast in the naturally hidden crease where breast meets chest wall. The plastic surgeon will create a short, horizontal incision just above the fold so when healed; the incision will not be visible unless looking closely while the breast is lifted.

Another popular incision route is the peri-areolar incision. A small opening is created along the lower edge of the areola where a scar can blend in with the darker pigment there. This option works well for those who have small breasts that don’t form a crease, or if they have naturally darker areolas. Someone may not be a suitable candidate if the areolas are too small or if they desire very large implants.

Armpit or, trans-auxiliary incisions are considered by some to be, “scarless” because the method requires no scars on the breast itself. A small incision placed in the natural armpit folds allows an implant to be passed through a tunnel and into the breast position using specialized equipment. Visibility is not as straightforward for this route and implant size may be limited. Though it involves no breast scar, the armpit scar may be visible if darkened or raised once healed.

How visible are Toronto breast augmentation scars?

Today they are smaller and placed more discretely. Good, long-term care and protection will ensure that marks fade and flatten as much as possible. For those who tend to scar darkly or form keloids, plastic surgeons can advise extra steps and products to use to help reduce those problems.

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