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How To Plan For The Best Toronto Breast Augmentation Experience

Getting a Toronto breast augmentation surgery can be an extremely exciting and positive experience, but it also takes a lot of planning and patience. Before stepping into the surgical suite, there will be a great deal of discussion between you and your plastic surgeon about the actual cosmetic procedure, the recovery process and other additional considerations to take into account. All of these conversations and steps in planning will help ensure that you have the best Toronto breast augmentation experience.

Here are some of the considerations that you may come across as you prepare for your surgery.

Pre-Operative Testing

A mammogram as a pre-operative test before a breast augmentation surgery is typically recommended for women over 35 years-old. The results of a mammogram are useful since a number of women have abnormalities that are detected and require follow-up tests. Once cleared for surgery though, you can relax and feel assured that your breast augmentation will likely go well without such medical concerns.

First Night After The Breast Augmentation Surgery

As you begin the recovery phase of your breast augmentation, you may find discomfort, pain and inconvenience. It may also be difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep in. Having some help for the first night from a friend or family member is going to be important.

Prescription Medications

Another tip to help you plan for a good experience is to handle errands and chores before your breast augmentation surgery, which includes filling in the prescriptions for pain killers. You can have them ready when you need them following the procedure without making a necessary pit-stop to the pharmacy on your way home from the surgery.

Know What To Expect After The Surgery

Your breast augmentation will indeed show results very quickly after your surgery, however it is important to know that there will be swelling and maybe, bruising at the beginning. Over time though, the swelling will subside, and your new breasts will appear more natural.


You may be prescribed narcotic pain medication or muscle relaxants for your recovery after the breast augmentation surgery, which impairs your ability to drive. Therefore, it is important that you arrange for transportation to and from the clinic or hospital with a friend or family member.


Following your surgery, your plastic surgeon will likely supply you with a compression garment or sports bra that can provide support yet are soft and gentle on your new implants. Until you and your breasts have recovered, you will probably not be shopping at cute, lingerie stores.


As a precaution, it is best to ask your plastic surgeon about when it is okay for you to participate in intimate acts.

Hopefully by mentioning these considerations, you will keep them in mind as you are planning your Toronto breast augmentation to ensure that your experience is as positive and satisfying as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please do drop by our clinic, Edelstein Cosmetic, or schedule a personal consultation with one of our plastic surgeons.

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