Is There An Age Limit For A Breast Augmentation in Toronto?

How old is too old? Our society has become far more accepting of cosmetic surgery procedures in recent years, yet there remains some stigma for those in their 50s and beyond who want to make body improvements. If you’ve pondered a breast augmentation in Toronto and you don’t consider yourself “young,” then you might assume there’s an age limit and wonder if you’ve passed it.

We have good news for you. There is no set number at the upper limits, and instead, plastic surgeons use discretion and detailed consultations to determine who is a good candidate for surgery. There are some essential things to know and questions you should ask yourself if age is in question.

Can Women Over 50 Have A Breast Augmentation In Toronto?

You might be surprised to learn that it’s relatively common for this age group to seek cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance, and breast enhancement procedures are included. One of the reasons is that older people tend to have more disposable income and plastic surgery isn’t cheap. Another common reason to wait until later in life is that women tend to put their families and children first for many years until they’re grown. Some people celebrate entering a new chapter of life when the kids leave the nest by prioritizing fun, taking better care of themselves, and doing the things they’ve always wanted.

Breasts Change Over The Years

Many women have experienced firsthand the deflation and visible changes their breasts undergo after childbearing and breastfeeding. As well, we naturally lose elasticity in our skin over time, and the weight of breast tissue does lead to sagging for many people over the decades. By the time you’re in your 50s or 60s, you may decide you’ve had enough and seek a plastic surgeon to add volume or reshape your breasts.

What Do Older Patients Need To Know?

The ageing process naturally brings the potential for health conditions, and some of these may increase the risks associated with surgery. Depending on your age, you may not heal as quickly and efficiently as you used to either. Your plastic surgeon will ask detailed health history questions when you meet for your in-person consultation. This will include itemizing any prescription medications you take, heart problems, diabetes and other concerns. Each case is considered individually, so the personal assessment will be necessary to learn if you’re on track to have optimal results.At Edelstein Cosmetic, our surgical patients over 40 complete a heart rhythm test and additional bloodwork before scheduling procedures, so our plastic surgeons feel confident, they’re in great shape to have a breast augmentation in Toronto.

If you’re curious to know what your options are, or researching local surgeons for your procedure, we welcome you to contact our friendly staff and schedule your consultation at Edelstein Cosmetic. Let us help you plan for a body you love.




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