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Mentor Saline Breast Implants

Saline breast implants for breast augmentation are filled with a sterile saltwater solution that is much like the fluid that exists in the human body. These implants are inserted without being inflated with air or fluid. Once the implants are in place they are filled until they have reached a predetermined size. Mentor Johnson and Johnson saline implants feature revolutionary self-sealing valve technology. Every implant automatically seals itself off once the fill-tube has been removed.

Saline Breast Implant Cost: Did you know they are less expensive than silicone breast implants?

Each of Mentor’s saline implant options is FDA approved, features a feel that is slightly firmer than gel-filled implants and is covered by Mentor’s Standard or Enhanced Limited Warranty and Lifetime Replacement Policy.

Mentor’s saline implants are made to fit the body and preference of every patient. They are available in a wide variety of different shapes, sizes, profiles and either textured or smooth surface shell types. Even lower than 200cc breast implants exist.The most commonly used saline implant is a round, smooth implant.


You’ll be able to choose from three different saline implant profiles: moderate, moderate plus and, for the first time in history, high profile.

Style 1600: Smooth Round Moderate Profile
Mentor’s Smooth Round Moderate Profile implants give a full, rounded appearance that adds greater dimension to the breasts.

Style 2000: Smooth Round Moderate Plus Profile
The Smooth Round Moderate Plus Profile has the same moderate base as the 1600, but has a higher profile.

Style 3000: Smooth Round High Profile
Smooth Round High Profile implants provide patients with greater projection and a more prominent profile in a narrower chest wall.


SPECTRUM® Expanders/Implants from Mentor provide Plastic Surgeons with the only post-operatively adjustable saline breast implants. These implants allow surgeons to adjust the size of a patient’s implant for up to six months following the initial breast augmentation procedure. They’re available in both round and contour styles.

Style 1400: Smooth Round SPECTRUM® Implants
Smooth Round SPECTRUM® Implants feature the popular rounded style of implants and a smooth surfaced shell with the ability to be altered in size following surgery.

Style 2400: SILTEX® Round SPECTRUM® Implants
Mentor’s SILTEX® Round SPECTRUM® Implants also feature a rounded contour and the ability to be adjusted after surgery, but have shells with a textured SILTEX® shell surface.

Style 2500: SILTEX® Contour Profile® SPECTRUM® Implants
Featuring a “teardrop” shape that resembles the outline of a mature breast and the same ability to alter size following placement, SILTEX® Contour Profile® SPECTRUM® implants also feature a textured SILTEX® shell.


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