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Natural Looking Breast Augmentation

The primary goal of most women undergoing breast augmentation is to enhance the size and shape of their breasts without losing their natural look and feel. Our Plastic Surgeons understand this concern well, which is why they take care to tailor every procedure to the unique anatomical features and aesthetic goals of all patients.


Choosing the right implant size is one of the most important parts of the breast augmentation procedure. Using a scientific formula known as Dimensional Breast Augmentation, our Plastic Surgeons combine your desired results with a careful assessment of your body type to select the most appropriate implants to use in your surgery. The implant should be picked in accordance with your figure and the natural limits of your chest size in order to create an aesthetically pleasing outcome that appears as natural as possible. The shape of the implant must also be considered. Various implant profile types (high, moderate, or low profile) can be used in order to create the type of look best suited to your figure.


Where the implant is placed in the body also has an enormous impact on the end result. In order to create the most natural appearance possible, your surgeon typically chooses to place the implant behind the pectoral muscle (subpectoral/submuscular) in patients who are naturally thin and/or have little of their own breast tissue. This approach allows the chest muscles to partially cover the implant, better hiding the device for a more natural look. The implants will also be placed at an appropriate internal height and horizontal position in order to achieve your desirable enhancement.

A natural looking augmentation procedure will avoid creating an abnormally wide space between the breasts. It will also ensure that they are not positioned too high, a position that tends to create an overly full, artificial appearance.


  • A size that doesn’t appear too large for a woman’s overall figure — it should be proportionate.
  • A properly contoured shape that, rather than being perfectly round, mirrors the “teardrop” shape of a natural breast.
  • Skin that is free of any “rippling” effect.
  • Hidden and/or properly healed incision scars.
  • Proper breast spacing, height, and realistic looking cleavage.


There is nothing more important to the outcome of breast augmentation than maintaining a sense of balance.

Your unique physiology will have a significant impact on the approach taken to your breast augmentation procedure. Since every woman’s body is different, your surgeon must consider features like your skin quality, the degree of drooping (or ptosis) already affecting your breasts, and the amount of natural breast tissue you have before choosing a plan of action. A customized augmentation procedure seeks to enhance the breasts in proportion to your body, ensuring that you receive the kind of natural-looking results you desire.


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