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What Are My Options If I Am Dissatisfied With The Outcome Of My Breast Implants?

The vast majority of women that have breast augmentation surgery are thrilled with the result and would recommend this procedure to their friends and family and truly love the confidence and appearance they have achieved. However there is a small percentage of women that are not satisfied with how the breast implants make them look or feel and in this unlikely scenario we assist with finding out why a patient is dissatisfied with the outcome of her breast implant procedure so we can help with correcting the issue.

What If The Implants Do Not Flatter The Body Or Figure?

It should be noted that many women whom have recently had breast augmentation surgery are surprised with the way their new body looks and there is an emotional response to any cosmetic procedure that requires time, patience and acceptance as a natural process of such a significant and personal change. It takes six months for the implants to settle and during this time many women report that their implants change in a positive way including an increase in size and the shape that they were hoping for and expecting.

If the patient is still dissatisfied a revision surgery may be necessary. By changing the position of the implant, the type of implant, the shape, profile or size, the desired outcome can be achieved. Revision surgery is not recommended unless the patient is extremely dissatisfied with the way the implants look on her body. We reduce this risk during the initial implant surgery with a comprehensive consultation including measurements, providing detailed information and listening to our client’s goals and concerns.

What If The Implants Are Hurting Or Do Not Feel Right?

There is also a small percentage of women that are happy with the way their implants look but are experiencing pain after the standard healing process has ended. Pain associated with breast implants will definitely make a woman feel dissatisfied with her implants and this could be caused by capsular contracture, a condition when the normal shell begins to harden around the implant. This can cause pain or a change in the way the implants look. Another possible cause of pain is from muscular issues that arise from a change in the biometrics of muscles and tissues around the implant area.

In either scenario it is important to contact your surgeon to receive treatment and to help you feel comfortable and happy with your breast implants again.

What If The Patient Wants The Implants Removed?

If a patient is extremely dissatisfied with her breast implants or simply changes her mind on wanting breast implants in the first place, it is possible to have them removed. Breasts with removed implants may take months to look like they did before and a breast lift procedure may be required for optimal results. If the implants have been in for a long time and the patient started out with small breasts the skin may be quite thin and additional cosmetic procedures will likely be required to get the patient to a place where she feels happy and confident with her body.

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