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Breast augmentation is a popular plastic surgery technique that enlarges the breasts, usually using breast implants. It is a very common surgery for people who are dissatisfied with either the size or contours of their breasts. Depending on the patient’s needs and aesthetic goals, there are different techniques available for a Toronto breast augmentation procedure and it is imperative to seek out the best plastic surgeon for your needs.

In this busy and diverse city, there are many healthcare professionals and plastic surgeons, so how should you go about trying to find the best Toronto plastic surgeon? We have provided some factors to consider when researching your procedure and booking your consultations.One of the most important things to consider when choosing a plastic surgeon is their level of experience and expertise in the procedure you wish to pursue. The top plastic surgeons in the Toronto area are board-certified and licensed by the Provincial College of Physicians and Surgeons (for example, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario). This certification and license indicates that they have met the standard of high quality training and testing required to become a practicing surgeon.

However, in addition to this qualification, it is crucial that you are working with a plastic surgeon who has experience in breast augmentation. After all, plastic surgery is a broad field of study and although a physician has performed the procedure you want, their practice might not be focused on breast augmentations.

We always suggest to our patients to meet with the plastic surgeon and to ask for “before and after” pictures of their work. For breast augmentations, you can see the various results generated by the skills of each surgeon and compare them to what you want for yourself. The best Toronto plastic surgeon for you will be a professional that can show consistent results you like.Another valuable resource to help you choose a good plastic surgeon is your network of friends, family and acquaintances, particularly those who have undergone a breast augmentation as well. They can give insights about the experience and may recommend a surgeon.  If you do not personally know anyone who has undergone a breast augmentation, you may ask your family doctor for a referral, or ask the surgeon you like for patient testimonials.Finally, you should schedule consultations with prospective plastic surgeons to discuss and address any concerns or questions you may have regarding breast augmentation. You should feel comfortable asking questions and understand the answers they give. Additionally, you should understand the surgical plan, what to expect during recovery and what look you will achieve with the implants you have chosen.

Once you have found the best Toronto plastic surgeon for you and your unique needs, you can be reasonably certain that the results from the breast augmentation will make you very happy.




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