The Ideal Breast?

Though folk wisdom tells us that beauty is determined by the eye of the beholder, recent scientific studies have begun to provide a more objective standard. The latest advances in this field have come from the work conducted by Dr. P. Mallucci, a British Plastic Surgeon.

Breast augmentation has long been the most popular plastic surgery procedure among women, yet there are currently no guides available that provide reference measurements common to a “perfect breast.” While skilled Plastic Surgeons are able to successfully enhance their patient’s breasts, the industry lacks a set of defined measurements capable of providing a good rule of thumb for all. Without this, the benefits of breast enhancement are a matter of individual skill and personal taste.Dr. Mallucci has conducted research on achieving a better understanding of how to provide women with exceptional breast augmentation results by determining the mathematical formula for the perfect breast, in his report, “Concepts in Aesthetic Breast Dimensions: Analysis of the Ideal Breast.”

The report was conducted via an analysis of the breasts of a sample group of 100 models. To avoid forming a subjective opinion regarding the appearance of the women’s breasts, Dr. Mallucci and his team of researchers employed an objective measurement system informed by Leonardo da Vinci’s rule of third and fifth divisions. The famous artist’s system — one that has been proven to create a pleasing result for every type of aesthetic — has long served as a guide for cosmetic surgeons providing patients with noselifts and facelifts, making it suitable for other areas of the body as well.

Computers were used to analyse areas of the breast, including the regions above and below the nipple (upper and lower pole) and the angle formed by the nipple point and the slope of the upper pole. By examining these dimensions and proportions, Dr. Mallucci was able to identify universal features that may define the perfect breast. His study found that the ideal breast possesses a common measurement ratio, wherein the breast is split at 45% volume above and 55% volume below the nipple “meridian” (the invisible horizontal line running across the breasts at nipple level). The data also showed that the upper pole of the ideal breast formed either a straight or concave shape, a tight convex dimension for the lower pole and a nipple angle at roughly 20 degrees upward.

The second part of the study involved assessing the pre- and post-breast augmentation breasts of regular women in order to test findings. The team found that breasts that stray too far from the ratios established above are considered less attractive, regardless of their size.

Many patients are unable to properly explain the results they seek from their breast plastic surgery, often referring to their desire for unscientific improvements like larger cup sizes or fuller cleavage. A large percentage of women (especially those following pregnancy) also seek additional upper pole volume in an attempt to improve their breasts. When shown an image or computer mock-up that adheres to Dr. Mallucci’s 45:55 ratio, these same patients agree that enhanced lower pole volume is better able to provide an aesthetically pleasing result from breast enhancement.

But What About The Golden Ratio?

Dr. Malluci may have defined traits of the ideal breast, but what it all comes down to is proportion — the primary factor in breast augmentation. The most attractive breast size and shape is one that complements your figure, rather than under- or overwhelms it, and this has all got to do with proportion. For this reason, the concept of Phi (1:1618), commonly know as the golden ratio, can be applied.


After noticing a string of poor results in breast augmentation patients, Brazilian plastic surgeons applied the golden ratio to create a three dimensional geometric breast shape. Based on this shape, ten pairs of breast implants were specially made, which were then used for ten patients. Over the one year period the patients were examined following their surgery, the surgeons recorded consistently good improvements in shape and volume.THE ROLE OF DIMENSIONAL BREAST AUGMENTATION

Dr. Edelstein’s dimensional breast augmentation takes these points into consideration to achieve a beautiful, natural-looking and proportionate result. Our Plastic Surgeon considers your height, weight, breast width, breast height and the distance that exists between the nipple and breast fold, as well as your desired cup size to determine the best breast implant type and size for your body, as well as the best surgical techniques to employ.




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