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Toronto Breast Augmentation for Athletes : 3 Things You Should Know

No amount of training, dieting or supplements can transform the shape of your breasts like cosmetic surgery. Many athletes choose to have breast implants to restore more femininity to their figure, or to provide balance in the proportions of their body. If you’re an athletic woman who is considering breast augmentation in Toronto, here are three things you need to know:

Breast Implants May Be Placed Over or Under Your Chest Muscle

There’s not one type of implant placement that is right for everyone, and your board-certified plastic surgeon will be able to provide expert advice about which option makes sense for your body and your goals. It’s good to be informed of the general pros and cons for each type of placement, but there’s no need to agonize over the decision before you hear your surgeon’s recommendation.

Implants that are positionedover the chest muscle can look very natural if you have enough natural breast tissue, and this placement is sometimes preferred as the recovery tends to be faster and more comfortable.It is usually the best option for someone who has a degree of droopiness. Those who are fit and muscular do not necessarily have to choose this placement, however.

Patients with very thin skin or little breast tissue may choose to have their implant placed partially under the muscle to achieve a more natural-looking result. When implants are partly under the chest muscle, athletes with strong pectoral muscles may find that specific exercises engaging the pecs causes their implants to spread or distort when flexing.

Post-Op Exercise Will Be Limited, Not Eliminated

Speaking of exercise, if you’re considering a breast augmentation in Toronto, you may be wondering how soon after surgery you can get back to the gym. Patience is critical; in fact, it has been said that patience is breast insurance! For the first few days following your procedure, you may feel sore and swollen, particularly if the implants have been placed under the muscle.You can resume normal, non-strenuous activities right away, but you should not exercise yet, even if you feel well. You can walk about leisurely.

For many patients, at the three-week mark, it is safe to take up light cardio workouts and lower body training, as long as you are stringent to avoid exercises that create any impact on the upper body for at least six weeks after your surgery. Low weight, high repetition resistance training aimed at the upper body can be often be resumed safely at the six-week mark, with gradual increases to more strenuous lifting. Your surgeon will discuss your fitness routine with you as part of your consultation with them, and they can advise you at what point in your recovery process you can resume different types of exercise.

You Can Come Back from Surgery Strong as Ever

One front-of-mind concern for athletes contemplating breast augmentation in Toronto is the long-term impact of cosmetic surgery and the downtime that’s required to heal safely. It may be daunting to imagine being away from the gym for weeks, but there is absolutely no reason to worry about permanently losing strength or definition due to breast augmentation. An intentional and self-aware return to exercise at an appropriate pace can help the body heal and ensure a continued healthy physique from head to toe.

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