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What Will Happen During Your Toronto Breast Augmentation Surgery?

With its popularity constantly on the rise, you may have considered a breast augmentation for yourself. Breast augmentation is a life-transforming cosmetic procedure that has positively changed the lives of many women. Despite its powerful influence on the happiness of people, it is a very straightforward surgical procedure that is relatively simple. Here, we will explain what really happens during your Toronto breast augmentation surgery after all the planning and preparations.


When you first enter the operating room, you will be prepared for the breast augmentation surgery by an anesthesiologist. They will administer a combination of medications that include intravenous sedatives and general anesthesia to ensure that you are relaxed, comfortable and completely asleep throughout the procedure.

Creating The Incision

Once the general anesthesia has kicked in, your plastic surgeon will be able to start the breast augmentation surgery by making the incision. The site of incision is in areas that are inconspicuous to minimize visible scarring and will be discussed prior to the surgery. There are three options available as incisions for a breast augmentation 1) peri-areolar incision along the areolar edge 2) inframammary fold under the breast and 3) transaxillary incision in the armpit. The type of incision made will depend on your desired outcome, the type of breast implant, your body anatomy and the preference of your plastic surgeon.

Inserting And Placing The Implant

After an incision is made, you are ready for the insertion of the breast implant into the breast tissue pocket. There are two insertion and placement positions commonly practiced in breast augmentation 1) submuscular placement under the pectoral muscle or 2) submammary (also called subglandular) placement that is directly behind the breast tissue and over the pectoral muscle. Like the incision options, the insertion and placement of the breast implants will depend on the type of implant chosen, the degree of enlargement you desire, your body anatomy and your plastic surgeon’s recommendations.  Probably the most common reason to choose a submammary pocket is if you have some degree of breast droopiness.

Closing The Incisions

When the breast implants have been properly inserted and placed in the desired area, your breast augmentation surgery is essentially almost complete. All that is left of the actual surgical procedure is to close up the incision wounds. Your plastic surgeon will use layered sutures in the breast tissue and sutures with skin adhesive tape to close the skin. As time passes, the incision lines will fade and a scar will form. The extent of the scar and its visibility will be dependent on your genetics, lifestyle, and exposure to nicotine or infection.

Visualize The Results

After your incisions are closed up and the anesthesia wears off, you will notice that you can see the results of your breast augmentation almost immediately. Just remember that there will be some swelling and your body will require some time to heal before the final outcomes of the breast augmentation settle in.

If you have any questions regarding the procedures associated with the surgery or are interested in a getting a Toronto breast augmentation, please feel welcome to schedule a consultation with Dr. Edelstein or Dr. Jindal at our clinic.

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