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What You Should Know About Breast Augmentation For Older Women?

While the majority of women opt to undergo breast augmentation surgery during their twenties, thirties, or forties, there are no age limits for this transformative procedure. Provided that patients are in good overall health, women of older ages can safely undergo a breast augmentation, achieving beautiful results.

In many cases, however, older women do have different objectives when pursuing this procedure. For women aged fifty or older, the following factors should be taken into consideration when contemplating a breast augmentation.

Your Goals for the Procedure

In order to determine your suitability for a breast augmentation, it is important to first consider your goals for the procedure. Women who hope to enhance the appearance of their bust by increasing their cup size or improving their breast shape can benefit from a breast augmentation, which uses breast implants to provide the desired volume and shape to the chest.

However, as a result of changes that take place in the breasts over time, many older women are better suited to a breast lift, a procedure designed to lift sagging breasts and reposition the nipples. If you are happy with the overall size of your breasts but have noticed that they have begun to sag or that your nipples are positioned downward, a breast lift may be the ideal procedure to meet your needs.

In some cases, for patients who hope to enhance the size of their bust while also correcting droopiness, a breast augmentation with a lift at the same time may be recommended to achieve both goals simultaneously. In addition, patients who have undergone a mastectomy as a preventative measure or due to a cancer diagnosis may require breast reconstruction in order to replace the removed breast tissue.

Potential Concerns

Although many older women are in excellent physical shape, it is crucial to ensure that you are in good health prior to undergoing a breast augmentation. During your initial consultation with your surgeon, it is important to discuss any preexisting health conditions or concerns that you may have.

In addition, your skin health should be taken into consideration, as this is a crucial factor in determining how well you will be able to support the breast implants. Strong, healthy skin is necessary to ensure optimal, long lasting results. In some instances, aging skin does not heal as well as younger skin, which may impact the resulting scarring. Thus, your skin condition will directly impact your breast augmentation results and should be discussed during your consultation.

 Although breast implants do not hinder mammogram scanning or increase a patient’s risk of breast cancer, there is a chance they can delay its detection. Patients, particularly those who have a family history of breast cancer, may therefore not be well suited to this surgical procedure.

Regardless of your age, if you are interested in enhancing your appearance through a breast augmentation, we welcome you to contact our clinic to schedule a consultation with one of our board certified plastic surgeons in order to determine your candidacy for this procedure.

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