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Why 2019 Is Your Year For Breast Augmentation in Toronto

We’ve all made promises to ourselves we didn’t keep. February is a month notorious for scaling back on the expectations of the month preceding it. Why not do things differently this time? When you choose a renewed figure and improved self-esteem with a breast augmentation in Toronto, you’ll be starting the new year with one confident choice that could lead to many more.

Toronto Breast Augmentation Is More Than Just A Physical Improvement

The darkest, coldest months of the year are an optimal time to consider life and what you want from it. For many people, planning to look and feel better gets a kickstart in January and February. What you may not realize is that there are significant psychological benefits to some body reshaping procedures too. Many women experience daily discouragement and frustration about underdeveloped, deflated or malformed breasts. Each time they shop for clothing or consider an intimate encounter, the mental and emotional struggle can be significant.

When breasts aren’t balanced with overall body proportions, a person’s appearance may constantly be top of mind, when they should be enjoying life, feeling attractive and carefree instead.

Now Really Is The Best Time

If you’re ready for this to be your year, here’s why you shouldn’t put it off. Recovery from breast augmentation in Toronto will take a while. The initial 1-2 weeks are the most restrictive and require some time off work; however, even after your swelling and soreness subside, the breasts will still feel a little stiff and sit a bit unnaturally high on the chest.

That’s especially true for those with tight skin who place implants partially under the muscle. This is a natural and expected part of the healing process, but it means that although you’ll feel great shortly after your procedure, your breasts won’t be beach-ready for a few months.

Right now, mid-winter in Canada, everybody is bundled up and won’t be revealing skin and summer clothes for many months yet. Recovery is considered somewhat more manageable when the weather is cold, and if you’re a private person, you’ll love how discrete the layers of clothing allow you to be. Scheduling a procedure in the winter means having a new you to reveal in the spring.

Take Your Time Paying For A Breast Augmentation

We know that a significant, upfront fee is inconvenient for many people to pay. We don’t want anyone to have to wait unnecessarily for the body enhancements they’ve been dreaming of, and that’s why we offer medical financing options to spread out surgery payments in a way that’s comfortable for you. When you schedule your consultation with us, ask about financing plans, and we’ll let you know how to take the next steps.

You can have a no-obligation breast augmentation consultation to ask all your questions and gather the information you need for planning. If you’ve been considering what this procedure could do for you, don’t put it off any longer. We welcome you to contact Edelstein Cosmetic and let us help you reach your body goals for 2019.

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