Will A Breast Augmentation Give You Natural-Looking Breasts?

Understandably, when making the decision to undergo a breast augmentation, many women want to ensure that the procedure will deliver natural looking results. During your initial breast augmentation consultation in Toronto, your plastic surgeon will listen to your goals for the procedure and discuss the various factors which influence the final results of the augmentation, including which breast implant size, shape, texture, and placement will help you achieve the most natural results for your individual body.

What Is A Natural Looking Breast Augmentation?

Although some women prefer the augmented look and aim to increase their breast size significantly, most patients hope to achieve a subtler enhancement, requesting a one or two cup size increase. A natural looking breast augmentation creates breasts which are balanced and proportionate to the patient’s body, while also mimicking the breast’s natural shape so the enhancement is often undetectable. The following factors contribute to a natural looking augmentation.

  • The nipple is on the part of the breast that is most projected.
  • The cleavage is similar to that created by natural breasts.
  • The breast implants create a natural slope and project forwards.
  • The implants have a tear drop shape modeled after natural breasts.

Natural Looking Breasts Can Be Achieved With Breast Implants

To achieve natural looking results, it is important to take into account your body shape, chest width, height, and weight in order to select implants that enhance your breasts without adding an unnatural amount of weight or volume to your chest. Implants that are proportionate to your body will help you achieve a natural outcome while also reducing the risk of future health problems caused by disproportionate implants such as back pain and poor posture. Your lifestyle should also be taken into consideration as patients who regularly participate in physical activities are better suited to smaller implants which will not restrict their movements.

Determining The Best Size For You

While you may have an idea of your preferred size prior to your consultation, it is important to be open to suggestions when determining the best size for you as an experienced surgeon will make recommendations based on your body shape, chest width, and goals for the procedure. You will be provided with sizers to test out several sizes.  They will help you determine which one delivers the most natural looking enhancement. In addition, you should study your surgeon’s before and after gallery to establish the most suitable placement and implant type for you.The outcome of your surgery is closely related to the skill of your chosen surgeon and one of the best ways to ensure that you achieve the natural results you are looking for is to take your time selecting a highly qualified, board certified plastic surgeon. To learn more about how to achieve natural looking results from a breast augmentation procedure, we welcome you to contact our clinic to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jerome Edelstein or Dr. Kunaal Jindal, reputable Toronto breast augmentation surgeons dedicated to helping patients achieve beautiful, natural results that suit their individual frame.




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