Breast Lift And Auto-Augmentation: Lift And Augment Your Breasts Without Implants

One of the biggest concerns patients have regarding breast lift surgery is that breast tissue is removed, and depending on the amount of tissue removed, it can decrease bust size, leaving the patient with noticeably smaller breasts. That’s why it is common for patients to undergo augmentation mastopexy, combining a breast lift and augmentation with breast implants in a single or staged procedure.

Don’t want breast implants but still want to maintain the size of your breasts following your breast lift?

You don’t always need saline or silicone breast implants to enhance your breast size during your breast lift. Suitable patients can undergo auto augmentation, a technique that employs using your own breast tissue to augment size.Breast Lift And Auto-Augmentation SurgeryBreast lift and auto-augmentation is a surgical technique that can be done on an outpatient basis, usually in a couple of hours. Surgery is normally performed under general anesthesia.

The procedure basically involves taking tissue that hangs down at the bottom of the breast and moving it up to the upper portion of the breast. This eliminates sagging to achieve a perkier bustline while at the same time enhancing the size of your breasts. It is performed in conjunction with typical full breast lift techniques, involving an incision beginning around the areola and continuing downward to the crease under the breast (the “lollipop incision”). For more significant droopiness, an incision under the breast is usually also required (the “anchor incision”). Tissue taken from the area opened by the incision will be moved upward and attached to the chest wall and to the tissue in the upper region of the breast. The nipple is moved upwards in order to give the breast an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Problems associated with the implantation of saline or silicone implants are avoided, including the possibility of capsular contracture. Additionally, breasts that have been augmented in this manner will increase and decrease in size more naturally when other physical changes occur in the body.

You may opt for breast lift and auto-augmentation if you don’t want an implant. However, please note that implants usually impart a better shape to the breast than this technique.

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