Breast Reduction with Liposuction Only

For some women breast reduction is possible through liposuction only, a technique that offers great results with minimal risks, no scarring and faster recovery times.BREAST REDUCTION USING LIPOSUCTIONTraditional breast reduction involves breast mound remodelling before the re-draping and trimming of skin to fit the new breast shape. The technique almost always results in long, readily noticeable scars. However, advances in liposuction have given surgeons access to new techniques that allow for a less invasive technique. Breast reduction liposuction (BRL) works to remove excess fatty tissue while providing the benefits of faster, virtually scar-free recovery and a drastic reduction in surgical complications.
Macromastia (or female breast hypertrophy) is a form of abnormal breast tissue enlargement that is characterized by excessive tissue growth. The condition can develop for a number of different reasons, but is usually the result of overactive glands and/or overactive fatty tissue. Causes include pubertal development, post-natal growth, menopause, weight gain and/or menopause. Related health issues almost always plague sufferers, such as back, neck or breast pain, poor posture, shoulder grooving, excess weight and lifestyle limitations or embarrassment.

Macromastia severity is judged to be mild if tissue growth is less than 300 grams above the appropriate size, moderate if between 3-800 grams and severe if more than 800 grams. The condition can affect one or both breasts and is sometimes accompanied by ptosis (sagging). Affected breasts can be comprised of fatty tissue that reaches nearly 90% (except while the woman is pregnant or lactating). Because of this a size reduction may be possible through liposuction only.IS LIPOSUCTION BREAST REDUCTION RIGHT FOR ME?Almost a decade ago, researchers proved that liposuction-only breast reduction provided women with much better results than traditional breast reduction procedures. However, not every woman is a candidate. Breast reduction with liposuction cannot effectively treat sagging, poor skin quality and glandular (rather than fat) hypertrophy.

Women who do not wish to experience scarring following reduction and are willing to risk the development of some level of ptosis are ideal candidates. The procedure is ideal for mild reductions and the correction of breast asymmetry (up to one cup size difference).

The procedure is usually performed under general anaesthesia. The length of hospital stay (day or overnight procedure) is dependent on patient preferences, health and the extent of fat tissue removal involved. Before undergoing treatment, women must receive an ultrasound or mammogram that determines how much fatty tissue exists in their breasts. The results of these tests help to establish whether or not breast reduction with liposuction only is an effective and safe option.

Women who are not currently eligible for liposuction-only breast reduction can take heart: continued research into the technique is currently underway therefore a larger demographic of women may be able to successfully undergo treatment in the near future.




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