An Overview Of Butt Implants

Although the buttocks is an integral part of the body contour, the butt augmentation procedure does not have as long of a history as other body contouring procedures, like breast augmentation. These days, however, butt augmentation is one of the most requested procedures for women in Toronto and North America. And, while a Brazilian Butt Lift (a procedure that utilizes your own fat, taken from one or more parts of your body, to enhance your buttocks) is popular, buttock implants can achieve better results for individuals who do not have as much transferrable fat, like fitness models and weightlifters. In addition, a 2012 comparative study conducted by Plastic Surgeons in California found that patients were more satisfied with their results when gluteal implants were used rather than fat transfer (76% vs 69.7%).The Link Between Breast Augmentation And Butt Augmentation: It’s All About The ImplantThe first breast implant made from a silicone shell and silicone filling was the Cronin-Gerow implant, designed by American Plastic Surgeons, Dr. T. Cronin and Dr. F. Gerow, in 1961. A few years later, Plastic Surgeons developed the butt implant, similar in consistency as the Cronin-Gerow model. Unfortunately, these earlier butt implants were associated with a number of complications, including a lengthy recovery period, infection and rupture. In addition, the effect of gravity shortened the lifespan of any aesthetic improvement, causing the implants to sag with age. Many of these complications were a result of the placement of the implants and surgical incisions, issues that were corrected to a certain extent in the 1970s by the Mexican Plastic Surgeon, Dr. M. González-Ulloa. Dr. González-Ulloa refined the procedure by enhancing both the palpability of the augmented buttocks as well as their ability to withstand any abrupt pressure when the patient sat down quickly.Butt Implants TodayWith further development and refinement, butt augmentation with implants has been able to achieve beautiful, safe results for patients today. The implants are still made from silicone but are different from those used for breast augmentation in that they are solid instead of a shell filled with silicone gel, making the risk of rupture and deflation non-existent. Augmented buttocks feel firmer but are still pliable. They basically feel like you’ve been doing a lot of squats and lunges.

Two shapes are available, round or oval (also know as “anatomic), and two surface textures are available, smooth or textured (much like breast implants).

A Note On Implants VS Fat TransferBoth gluteal implants and fat transfer have their own benefits in butt augmentation. Find out which one is more suitable for you by talking to our board certified Plastic Surgeon in a private medical consultation. Our surgeons perform both methods, and can help you determine which is better to achieve your expectations.




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