Brazilian Butt Lift Facts 101: Things You Need To Know About Buttocks Augmentations

If you plan to have a butt augmentation performed, you need to make sure that you understand the basics about the surgery before it is performed. Some people have inaccurate ideas about what to expect and this can lead to disappointment with the procedure and results. Below, we will cover some of the most important things you need to know about, and consider, when it comes to your butt augmentation.

1. Choose a Well-Qualified and Experienced Surgeon

When we mention that you need to choose a well-qualified and experienced plastic surgeon, this does not necessarily mean the surgeon that has been practicing for the longest number of years. If you want to have the procedure go as expected with minimal complications, you need to work with a plastic surgeon who has experience with butt augmentations. Always ask questions and ask to see previous butt augmentation jobs before you make your decision.

2. Know Your Anesthesia Options

Another thing you need to think about and fully understand before your procedure is what your options for anesthesia are. Most plastic surgeons use general anesthesia for this procedure (you are asleep during the surgery).  A few plastic surgeons rely on local anesthetics.The difference between the two is night and day and you want to make sure you are comfortable with the anesthesia used.

3. Understand the Aftercare Steps

The aftercare steps following a butt augmentation are important and if you do not follow them to a “T,” you may find that you are unhappy with the results or your butt may flatten more than you want it to. The aftercare steps must be followed exactly as told to you and a good plastic surgeon will make sure that you fully understand these steps BEFORE the procedure is performed.

4. Pain Is Part of It

While you may be hoping that the procedure will be pain free, it is not. In fact, some patients complain of quite a bit of pain throughout the first 24-48 hours, but after that, the pain subsides. Some patients luck out and they do not experience any intense pain once the procedure is over.

It is important that you take any medication that is prescribed to you by your surgeon. These medications will help alleviate any pain you do experience and help with swelling and bruising.

5. You Can’t Sit Down!

Yes, we are not joking about this, but it is not as horrible as it may sound. You cannot sit directly on your bottom after the surgery and for three weeks after the surgery. If you do need to sit down, it is recommended that you do not place pressure on the top part of your bottom and you use a pillow under your thighs to alleviate pressure to the buttocks.

If you plan to have a butt augmentation performed, it is vital that you understand the entire procedure before you simply opt-in to have. If you are ready to discuss your options about the procedure, schedule an appointment with Dr. Edelstein or Dr. Jindal today!




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