Brazilian Buttock Lift Recovery Tips

The recovery process that follows a Brazilian Butt Lift is key toward achieving both safety and an ideal aesthetic outcome. By carefully following a set of recovery guidelines, you can help your body to properly heal and drastically reduce the risk of experiencing complications.


1. Do Not Sit for Approximately Two Weeks

For roughly two weeks following surgery you must avoid sitting in order to allow the body to properly heal. Sitting for long periods of time during this stage of recovery will damage the fat that has been transferred to your buttocks, compromising results.

2. Walk and Stretch the Legs

Walking and stretching the legs help increase circulation and substantially decreases the risk of forming blood clots.

3. Take Ibuprofen

Take 400mg of ibuprofen every six hours (even during the night) during recovery.

4. Stretch the Buttocks

Stretching the buttocks through specific exercises will help the recovery process to go more quickly and smoothly. Ask us about the specific stretching exercises you can do.

5. Wear the Girdle

The medical girdle provided by Edelstein Cosmetic must be worn at all times. It can be removed during a shower, but must be replaced immediately afterward.

6. Record Drain Output

You will have a drain placed at their lower back that is used to remove the excess fluid that accumulates in the operating area following surgery. Recording the fluid output during recovery will allow us to monitor the healing process better.

7. Use a Cushion

After two weeks have passed you may begin sitting, but must use a special, cigar-shaped cushion. This cushion is designed to relieve excess buttock pressure while wounds heal.

8. Take Water Pills

Water pills must be taken for the first three days of recovery (starting from the day after the procedure). The fluid shift that occurs as a result of the surgery will cause the body to swell. Water pills are used to relieve this swelling.

9. Use the Compression Stocking Net

A compression stocking net must be worn on the first day following surgery in order to prevent clots from forming.

10. Stay Hydrated

Avoid dehydration during recovery by drinking plenty of fluids.

11. Take Medication

Dr. Edelstein will prescribe a medication called clyndamycin. You must take this medication for seven days to help decrease the risk of infections.

A Note on Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

Your body will need to create new blood vessels to provide nourishment to the transferred fat in your augmented buttocks. This takes a couple of weeks. The transferred fat receives all of its nourishment from the soft tissue that surrounds it. Because of this, it is extremely delicate and cannot be put under the kind of excess pressure that sitting for long periods of time causes. If this sort of stress is placed on the fat during recovery it may not survive, causing potential complications.


We strongly recommend patients remain in Toronto for at least seven to ten days following surgery. After the initial recovery period it is still important to take a few precautions during the journey home. A cigar-shaped cushion should be used (placed under the thighs and lifting the buttocks) in order to decrease sitting pressure during travel. Patients must also be sure to walk up and down the bus, plane or train aisles on the way home in order to promote circulation.

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