The Latest Trend In Plastic Surgery? The Brazilian Butt Lift

When you take a look at your butt, what do you see and think? If it is anything other than positive, you may be thinking about having a butt augmentation procedure performed. In the recent years, butt augmentation has become somewhat of a fad and is one of the latest trends in plastic surgery.

The reason behind the jump in Brazilian butt lift procedures is mainly because of media coverage of women’s bottoms. Who wouldn’t desire to have a bottom such as Kim Kardashian’s, J-Lo’s, or even Nicki Minaj? Since women everywhere see these bodacious bottoms, they often want one for themselves and you may too.

The Brazilian butt lift procedure is the most commonly chosen butt augmentation option out there and is the one primarily used by plastic surgeons. But why is this the most common choice? It is easy on the body, there are minimal risks, and the results are AMAZING! Let’s take a deeper look into the Brazilian butt lift.

What Is It?

The Brazilian butt lift is a procedure that is used to enhance the look and size of your buttocks. If you are unhappy with the shape or size of your bottom, you can have this procedure performed to lift and shape it. The procedure is performed by removing fat cells from specific places on your body. Usually, the plastic surgeon you work with will want to remove fat from two to three areas on your body to ensure he or she obtains enough fat cells. The cells are taken from the thighs and tummy in most cases, and sometimes the arms. Liposuction is always performed on the lower back, waist, and hips to start giving the buttocks it’s shape.  The buttocks often look good even before the fat injections take place.

Once the cells have been removed, they will be processed and then injected into your buttocks. The result is a plump and round bottom that you are proud to show off.

Is It Painful?

A Brazilian butt lift is popular because it is not as painful as the other option, implants. Since everyone experiences a different threshold level of pain, you should expect the pain to range from mild to moderate in the worst case scenario. If any pain is experienced, it usually subsides within the first 24-48 hours and only slight discomfort is felt after that.

Are There Complications?

The biggest complication that may occur is if you choose to work with an inexperienced plastic surgeon. The fat cells may be damaged during extraction and this means that the fat will flush itself out after being placed in the buttocks.

In addition, you may experience minor swelling or bruising at the site, but these side effects will fade with time and most women are able to pick up their normal activities within just a short week and return to work within two weeks.

If you are unhappy with the way your butt looks in clothing, bathing suits, or naked, you may want to consider having a butt augmentation procedure performed. Brazilian butt lifts are a popular choice and you should speak with Dr. Edelstein or Dr. Jindal about the procedure today.




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