The Main Reason Why Your Butt Isn’t As Perky As You Want IT To Be

When you look at the back of someone, would you agree that it’s the butt that gets the most attention? It’s no wonder that part of keeping in shape involves toning your buttocks in an effort to keep them looking firm, perky and rounded. The primary muscles here are known as the gluteal, which are actually composed of three parts, dependent on how deep into the buttock you go: gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. The gluteus maximus is the largest. Whenever you do squats, for example, you’re working primarily on this muscle. The same goes for lunges, deadlifts, bridges and so many other exercises. The gluteus maximus is the outermost muscle and most prominent, and by focusing on it with toning exercises, the overall shape of your butt can improve to a certain extent.Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a perky “bubble butt”. But why can’t cardio and weight training alone tone the buttocks, enough to transform your booty into the one you’ve always wanted?IT’S MAINLY ABOUT THE FATIt’s true that exercising regularly helps greatly to firm up your butt, but one of the biggest issues is fat. The butt (along with the waist and upper thighs) is a magnet for fat. It stores fat to be used as energy by the body when you don’t get enough food. For this reason, it’s very, very difficult to get rid of it. As a result, your butt, as well as your mid-section and thighs, cannot get as sculpted as you’d like, regardless of how much you exercise.

However, we all know that JLo’s butt isn’t all muscle, and fat in the buttocks is necessary to give it that rounded, pleasing shape. Unfortunately, where the fat is located in each buttock cheek is another issue that contributes to aesthetic concerns.

For a perky butt, the distribution of fat should be so that the point of greatest projection is in the middle of the buttocks, or higher. It shouldn’t be below the mid-line, as this would contribute to a saggy appearance. In addition, the distribution of fat should not be concentrated on the upper, outer parts of the buttocks, as this can result in a flattened out, square shape.

That’s why no matter how many lunges you do, if your body is genetically programmed to store fat in areas of your butt that make it look less than perky, you’re fighting a losing battle. Your butt may be firm, but it won’t be rounded in the way you want.

To get it rounded, only a Butt Lift or a Brazilian Butt Lift can help. These procedures sculpt your behind, reshaping it to achieve what you want. Your own fat, taken from another part of your body that can afford it (like the thighs or mid-section) is used. An implant may also be used.




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