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Cellulite is characterized by uneven skin texture that can feel or appear dimpled or bulky. Those who suffer from cellulite usually notice its presence once it has developed on or around the buttocks, thighs and stomach area, creating an “orange-peel” effect on the skin.

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How to get rid of cellulite?

Eliminate the appearance of cellulite with advanced technology requiring no surgery

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is the result of a natural process and isn’t life threatening, however it can be unsightly. It is caused when subcutaneous fat from our connective tissues begins to push out through the wall or cavity within which it is meant to stay confined. This process is a form of hernia and, in the case of cellulite, becomes noticeable once the fat has protruded enough that it is visible through the skin.

Both men and women can develop cellulite, but it is far more common in women. Cellulite doesn’t discriminate, beginning to appear during any stage of life following puberty for almost all women. It is also a common trait of ageing. Researchers suspect that the root cause of cellulite may be found in our hormones. Estrogen, a hormone produced in large quantities by the female body, is thought to be a possible factor in its development.

Get rid of your cellulite with noninvasive fat removal

Cellulite can be frustratingly resistant to self treatment. You may have attempted to rid yourself of it by exercising, following a healthy diet or staying well hydrated and, while these measures do help to a small degree, cellulite is still likely to persist. This is mainly because the problem has less to do with weight gain than it does with the pockets of stubborn subcutaneous fat that cause cellulite to develop.

An advanced treatment system available at Edelstein Cosmetic combats cellulite by breaking down the fat stored in several layers of the skin, encouraging its drainage. The process is completed by stimulating new collagen production in order to firm and strengthen tissues to minimize the appearance of cellulite and make it more resistant to its development.

Stretchmarks or striae

The eDermastamp® minimizes the appearance of stretchmarks, also known as striae. Stretchmarks are signs that the foundation of your skin is broken, therefore it is essentially a type of scar. Your skin is unable to repair stretchmarks because the transformation of fibroblasts into restorative collagen is prevented. The eDermastamp® encourages the skin to repair this broken skin by stimulating cell regeneration at a dramatic level. It is a rigorously tested and proven stretch mark treatment. Learn more about microneedling.

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