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Facial Aesthetics and Chin Augmentation in Toronto

There are as many reasons why you may be dissatisfied with your chin as there are people in Toronto. You might have a receding chin that you feel makes you look doughy and unrefined. Perhaps you have an elongated chin that you were teased about when you were a child. We’ll discuss 4 reasons why you might be an ideal candidate for chin augmentation surgery in Toronto.

Receding Chin

Those of you who have a weak, or receding, chin may have always wanted one that projects forwards instead of back. A receding chin can dull your facial features, making them look doughy and unbalanced. Many people with receding chins also appear older than their chronological age.

Chin augmentation surgery or sliding genioplasty can do a lot to correct receding chins. In a sliding genioplasty, once the surgeon makes the incision in your mouth, the bone is cut and repositioned so that your newly positioned chin projects forward, giving your face a stronger, more youthful appearance.

Weak Jawline

If you have an undefined, or weak, jawline, your face is not properly framed. This can result in your jawline being virtually indistinguishable from your neck. This can give your face a more rounded appearance that doesn’t properly showcase the different features of your face.

In your initial consultation with your plastic surgeon, you and the doctor can discuss how the repositioning of your chin bone can result in a better jawline, and neck line that keeps your neck separate from the rest of your face.


Depending on your genetic makeup, environment and life stressors, aging can do a lot to affect your appearance. As you get older, your face will often lose a large portion of its contouring and proportion. These events can often dull your facial features.

Chin augmentation or sliding genioplasty surgery can help support and tighten the soft tissues of your face and reduce the signs of aging.  You and your plastic surgeon can look at before-and-after pictures of the surgeons patients to demonstrate how dramatic an effect this can have on your overall appearance.


Some people may seek chin augmentation or osseous genioplasty surgery because of a deformity that came as a result of injury or a congenital condition. A person’s self-image can be negatively affected by a major chin deformity.

The exact method and plan that your plastic surgeon will use to correct your particular injury or congenital condition will greatly depend on its nature. Discuss surgical options, alternative surgeries, possible outcomes and the recovery process with your surgeon in the initial consultation. Ensure that the surgeon has a clear plan to optimize your results and meet your goals.

As with any other cosmetic surgery, there are both risks and benefits associated with chin augmentation surgery. These pros and cons are both general and specific to your particular case. Your surgeon will be able to outline all of these critical elements before the surgery.


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