Things You Should Know About Lip Fillers

It wasn’t long ago that lip fillers were not commonly done and the average cosmetic consumer wasn’t aware of the option to accent and volumize their lips in this way. Well-known celebrities and models have noticeably increased the size of their lips in recent years and even though some stars like Angelina Jolie may have been born with their luscious lips – they’ve sparked a strong public demand for products that can make the rest of us look like them.

Even though there may be a famous set of lips that you wish to have, it is important to keep your expectations realistic when it comes to lip fillers and seek an experienced injector who will ensure that you have a proportionate lip augmentation which compliments your face and your natural features. It is also important to know that going from tiny to large and full in one step is not often possible.

The effects of fillers are somewhat limited by a person’s natural anatomy, but almost anyone can benefit from a little more fullness or smoothing of fine lines. Dermal fillers in Toronto are now safer and more widely available than ever.

Planning ahead before your lip filler treatment will ensure optimal results. Avoid blood thinners such as Aspirin, Advil, Motrin, Omegas and other supplements which can lead to bruising and bleeding, 2 weeks prior to your appointment. As well, because many people experience some swelling for 1-2 days post procedure, it would be wise to plan your treatment at least two days before any important event or photos.

Often, carefully done injections leave no bruising at all and only cause minimal discomfort. Your injector will likely apply a numbing agent to the lips before treatment and you may use ice or anti-bruising creams after.


There are a variety of Hyaluronic Acid lip fillers available which have slightly different consistencies and staying power. Some work better than others for the lips and often, people find one that they like the look and feel of. Some popular HA lip fillers in Toronto are Juvederm, Restylane Silk, and Belotero.Your Injector will discuss your goals with you at your consultation and depending on your needs, they’ll recommend the product. Cost for lip fillers usually range between, $500-$800 per syringe. Be sure to select your clinic and your product based on quality and experience rather than a low cost deal – some less scrupulous injectors may not only lack training but may use cheap, low quality products which can lead to problems.

Very low prices are often too good to be true. It is a great idea to review before and after photos as well as reviews for your chosen injector. Most people do not want the “duck lip” look of overfilled, upper lips which appear turned out. There is artistry to natural lip filler injections and reviewing results will help you get a feel for their style and how happy their customers are with their treatments.

Lip injections will usually last about 6 months before requiring a touch up. The great thing about hyaluronic acid dermal fillers as opposed to semi-permanent, synthetic fillers is that it can be reversed. If you do not like the results you can have Hyaluronidase injected to quickly and easily dissolve the product.

If you have thin or uneven lips, smoker’s lines, scars, or just want a fuller, kissable pout, book your Toronto lip augmentation consultation to find out what you need to know about lip fillers.




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