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Achieve Your True Facial Beauty with Golden Ratio Injectables

Integras, Proportio, et Claritas (harmony, proportion, and clarity)
-St. Thomas Aquinas, defining beauty

Extensive research examining the concepts of physical beauty has found that there are particular facial features that contribute to a person’s attractiveness.

  • The height of your forehead.
  • The shape of your eyebrows.
  • The size of your eyes and the distance between both.
  • The shape of your nose.
  • The length and height of your lips.
  • Your complexion, as defined by clarity, an even texture and uniform tone.

The Universal Traits of True Facial Beauty

With the exception of your complexion (which is based on clarity, texture and tone), true facial beauty relies on the pleasing proportions of your features. It is not just about making you look younger—it is about maximizing your individual beauty to its full potential with an effective treatment that creates a harmonious balance based on the “Golden Ratio”, also known as the “divine” proportion.

Does your face have divine proportion?

In a number of studies, participants viewed random faces and rated those with solid parallels to the Golden ratio as the most attractive. The participants where just average people, not scientists or mathematicians, proving that these traits are universal and our brain is hardwired to appreciate them. In fact, even babies as young as a day old perceive beauty. In a UK study, photos of female faces were shown to adults, who rated them on a scale of attractiveness. The photos were then shown to newborns, and it was found that the babies looked longer at the more attractive faces.

The Golden Ratio appears in nature as well. There is a reason why we appreciate the naturally occurring beauty of flower petals, nautilus shells and spiral galaxies.

You can now undergo a revolutionary new way of achieving true facial beauty without surgery at Edelstein Cosmetic. This revolutionary injection system takes advantage of this universal principal of beauty to give you the kind of natural beauty that people won’t be able to resist.

The Golden Ratio is 1.618:1

The Golden Ratio is defined as a linear relation. When a line is divided into two parts, the longer part divided by the smaller part is equal to the entire length divided by the longer part. The Golden Ratio and Phi (1.618) occur frequently in the natural world to define what is aesthetically pleasing, and for this reason artists, architects, and even musicians apply it to enhance their body of work. A study conducted by a Canadian plastic surgeon has found that the Golden Ratio can also apply to the human face: a selection of the most beautiful faces in the world of a variety of racial backgrounds all shared the proportions of Phi.

Fulfill Your Beauty Potential —You’ve never had BOTOX® or Fillers like this before.

You can subtly improve your facial features to make them more harmonious with the concept of true facial beauty. With a sophisticated aesthetic sense, our injectable specialists apply their understanding of the “divine” proportion to maximize your beauty potential with BOTOX® and injectable fillers. After all, true beauty is about making you look more appealing in the eyes of anyone who is looking at your face.

How the Golden Calipers Are Used To Achieve Your Optimum Beauty Potential

After a discussion of your general health and medical history, as well as your goals, we will use the calipers to determine what features require improvement to achieve your optimum beauty potential.

First, a measurement is taken to serve as a point of reference. This can be the distance between your eyes (intereye distance), as it never changes as we age. The calipers are fixed to this distance, then your other facial features are measured and Phi applied. Erasable markings are made on your face to indicate the areas that can be enhanced with the precise amount of filler or BOTOX® to achieve the Golden Ratio. With the calipers, you can achieve global facial enhancement:

  • The upper third of your face (forehead, temples and eyebrows), addressing asymmetry, imbalance and any volume loss
  • The middle third of your face (nose and cheeks) for a more balanced nasal profile, optimum facial width and cheek contour.
  • The lower third of your face (lips, chin and jawline) for optimum lip proportions, facial width and jawline contour.

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