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By Jerome Edelstein, MD

Chicken pox (varicella) is a highly infectious disease that affects millions of people around the world. Many people get the chicken pox during childhood, when symptoms of the disease are usually milder than what occur for adult sufferers. Unfortunately, even after sufferers recover, some tend to experience a lasting impact of the disease regardless of their age: chicken pox scars. The doctors of a study examining effective treatments state that about 7% to 18% of sufferers experience lasting facial scars, which tend to be caused by bacterial infections that adversely affect chicken pox blisters as they heal (scratching and picking blisters introduce harmful bacteria that worsens scarring).

Like acne scars, chicken pox scars are permanent marks that can negatively affect a person’s complexion. While they do vary in severity, scars that are particularly sunken and discoloured tend to be of the greatest concern for patients.

Common Chicken Pox Scar Traits

Round (approximately 5-10mm in diameter)

Sunken (atrophic)

Darker or lighter in colour than the unaffected surrounding skin

These scars form due to the destruction of collagen. If there is insufficient collagen and elastin production while the skin recovers from a chicken pox blister, the surface of the skin cannot be repaired properly. The texture of the affected area becomes irregular and sunken. Treatment For Chicken Pox ScarsChicken pox scars can be challenging to treat, but with the right skin assessment and medical aesthetic guidance, a dramatic improvement can certainly be achieved. Our Master Aesthetician, Petra, has successfully treated a number of patients affected by chicken pox scars. She has found that each patient requires a unique course of treatment that may involve one or more types of the following medical aesthetic technologies:

Chemical Peels

A study found that a series of chemical peels significantly improves the appearance of chicken pox scars by reducing their textural and tonal irregularity. The strength of a peel will be customized according to the severity of your scar.
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The Dermaroller®

The Dermaroller® is a microneedling device that boosts collagen and capillary production, replacing damaged scar tissue to make the complexion more even in texture and colour.

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Photofacial Rejuvenation

This laser-based treatment can also target chicken pox scars on the neck and body. Both the capillaries and tissue are positively affected with intense pulsed light energy, causing a rejuvenation of your complexion at the cellular level. Collagen production is also enhanced, smoothing the surface of your skin. A bonus: it also helps reduce and eliminate the appearance of wrinkles and redness!
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Advanced Medical Skincare

Petra will create a customized skin care regimen you can follow at home to minimize and eliminate the appearance of your scars. Your regimen will consist of products that are pharmaceutical-grade and can only be prescribed in a physician-directed medical clinic like Edelstein Cosmetic.
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Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are best suited for the treatment of chicken pox scars that are noticeably sunken. They add volume to the skin, “filling in” the depressed area to become level with the surrounding unaffected skin. However, fillers may not significantly improve discolouration.
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Microdermabrasion encourages your skin to replace damaged tissue with healthier, more vibrant tissue, thereby getting rid of chicken pox scars.
Read more about microdermabrasionContact Edelstein Cosmetic at (416) 256-5614 to schedule your consultation today to get rid of your chicken pox scars.

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