Juvederm® Volift® Facial Filler

Do you have serious creases and folds on your face that you want to get rid of? Before you turn to surgery, consider the viable nonsurgical alternative: Juvéderm® VOLIFT®!

In Spring 2013, Allergan made headlines by announcing the launch of their newest injectable filler, VOLIFT®, and Edelstein Cosmetic is one of the first cosmetic surgery centres in Canada to offer it.

VOLIFT® is a hyaluronic acid filler designed for the treatment of deep skin depressions negatively affected by aging, such as severe nasolabial folds (but not for the area around the eyes or between the eyebrows). It can also enhance facial contours and restore volume, such as in the lip area. VOLIFT® is based on the same VYCROSS technology that makes the other products in the Juvéderm® family so successful in achieving smooth, natural results with only temporary minimal swelling and bruising, and because it contains lidocaine, the actual injection process is also more comfortable for the patient. However, what’s most important is that VOLIFT® has been formulated to last longer than many other fillers on the market today—the manufacturer, Allergan, states that results can last up to 15 months for treatment of nasolabial folds! The norm is up to 12 months, which means you may be able to enjoy your enhancement for three extra months than what you normally expect.

VOLIFT® has been available to patients in South America, Australia and Europe for a while now, and it’s finally made its way to Canada! Your treatment will be performed by our talented medical injector under the medical direction of Dr. Jerome Edelstein, Head of the Division of Plastic Surgery at the Humber River Hospital.

The Juvéderm® family consists of Ultra, Ultra Plus, VOLBELLA and VOLUMA, as well as VOLIFT.


The entire injection procedure is carried out in 15 to 30 minutes and provides immediate, natural looking (and feeling) results. Since it’s a minimally invasive treatment, Juvéderm® recovery is limited to minimal swelling and bruising. Patients who undergo Juvéderm® injections are able to return to their normal life as soon as they leave Edelstein Cosmetic.




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