Blepharoplasty Surgery: Post-Operative Care Instructions

The healing time for a given procedure varies between different patients. The following represents the general recovery you might expect following your Toronto blepharoplasty. Individual patients may experience variations from this course.

When you awake from your surgery you will be in the recovery room. There will be small white tapes (steri-strips) covering your incisions. You will be able to go home when you have fully recovered from the sedation. There must be a driver who will be responsible for taking you home following your cosmetic eyelid surgery.

This information applies to whether you have lower eyelid surgery or upper eyelid surgery.

Your Eyelid Surgery Recovery

Pain and Discomfort After Your Eyelid Lift Surgery

You may feel some pain and discomfort, but this is generally well controlled by pain medications. Most patients experience a moderate degree of discomfort for up to one week.

Nausea and Vomiting

A few patients react to the anesthetic after surgery with nausea and vomiting. This usually lasts less than 24 hours and should be treated with lots of fluids, Gravol and rest.


Maximum swelling occurs for about 3-5 days. A few patients may even have eyes that are almost swollen completely closed. Most of the swelling will be gone in 7 days.


Most bruising resolves in 10-14 days. Some light skin discolouration can last several weeks.

It will generally be one to two weeks before the swelling and bruising has resolved enough that you will want to go out in public. Occasionally, you can get out a little earlier by wearing sunglasses.

Treatment of Swelling

Swelling will be maximal during the first 3 to 5 days. During this period we recommend that you keep your head elevated above your shoulders as much as possible and to sleep on several pillows (this will increase drainage of the swelling by gravity).

Soft, conforming ice packs (or frozen peas) placed over your eyes for 20 to 30 minutes will help to soothe and reduce swelling. Do this 4 times per day during the first 5 days. There is no added benefit to using ice after one week.

Activity After Your Eye Lid Operation

Rest quietly at home for the first week. This is very important, as any straining, such as walking quickly, running, bending over, coughing, or lifting heavy objects, will increase blood flow to the face which may result in increased bleeding around your eyelids and your eyes. Remember NO ASPIRIN / ANTI-INFLAMMATORIES (eg Advil) for at least one week.

Dr. Fialkov encourages you not to spend all your time in bed. Walking starting immediately post-op is good, but walk slowly and avoid strenuous exercises. A little stroll is okay but not much more. Walking will help reduce swelling and minimizes the risk of deep clots in your leg veins.

Driving should be avoided for the first 3 to 5 days until the swelling begins to settle (the swelling can make your vision blurry).

Incisional Care

Wash your face with soap and water daily. Use gentle soap like Dove or Ivory, and wash your face like you normally do. Pat dry the area, do not rub.

If one of the white tapes covering your incisions comes off, don’t be alarmed. Gently wash the area as described above and apply some Polysporin using a Q-tip or your finger. You do not need to replace the tape.

If you notice a crust forming, use a dampened Q-tip to loosen it. If it does not come off easily, leave it alone.


Starting on the second post-operative day following your droopy eyelid surgery, you may shower and shampoo normally.

Make-Up / False eyelashes / Contact Lenses

NO make-up should be used for the first two weeks. When you resume applying make-up, avoid heavy, dark brands as the incisions and scars may collect the pigment.

False eyelashes and Contact lenses should be avoided for 3 weeks.


Sutures will be removed after 5 to 7 days if necessary.

Your Long-term Eyelid Lift Results

As mentioned previously, most of the swelling will be gone in seven days, but some improvement will occur over a further six to eight week period.

The improved appearance from your eyelid lift will last for many years. Over time some of the fine wrinkles will start to reappear but you will always look younger, more rejuvenated than if you had not had a blepharoplasty in the first place. Most of our blepharoplasty patients are very happy with the quality of their cosmetic enhancement.


The quality of your cosmetic eye lid lift may be compromised if you fail to return for any scheduled post-op visits, or follow the pre- and post-operative instructions.

Don’t hesitate to report any unusual or concerning changes.

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