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Upper & Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty in Toronto

Through congenital difficulties or the natural aging process, undesirable traits can appear underneath the eyes and on the upper eyelid. Usually these take the form of bags, dark circles, or puffiness underneath the eyes, however the upper eyelid will occasionally develop an excess of skin, which can make the application of makeup very difficult or even cause vision problems. The latter is a condition known as ptosis, in which the upper eyelid hangs down into the patient’s field of vision. Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, is a common and popular solution to these kinds of problems or undesirable aesthetic traits. In fact, blepharoplasty is so popular it’s thought to be by many estimates the most common plastic surgery in the world. Let’s take a look at upper and lower eyelid surgery and how it might benefit you.

What is Blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty is a plastic surgery which alters and enhances the upper and lower eyelids. This is done by removing excess skin, tightening the underlying tissue of the facial anatomy near the eyes, and in some cases removing small pockets of fat. In doing so, ptosis can be resolved as well as the substantial reduction or complete abatement of bags, puffiness, and dark circles which are present under the eyes.

What is Blepharoplasty Not?

It’s important to understand that blepharoplasty isn’t intended to resolve the lines, wrinkles, or creases which can appear at the corners of the eyes (crow’s feet). It also will not rejuvenate or tighten the area above the eyes such as near the brows or the forehead. It’s for this reason that many patients who do want those additional benefits will opt to have both a brow lift and a forehead lift in addition to a blepharoplasty procedure. Understand that in the vast majority of cases that these procedures can be conducted during the same operation—this reduces the amount of downtime a patient can typically expect and will provide them with further aesthetic enhancements.

How Long Will It Take to Recover?

Generally speaking, most patients find that a two week recovery period is necessary after having blepharoplasty. During this time, the patient should be prepared to take it easy—bed rest won’t be strictly necessary in most cases, however lifting heavy objects, bending over too far, or doing anything which would put stress or pressure on the face must be avoided. Swimming, both in a pool or natural bodies of water, should also be avoided. During the first few days you can expect bruising and swelling—this is completely natural and common, however it may interfere with your vision. Therefore, activities such as driving a vehicle must be avoided. Furthermore, patients should avoid smoking, taking aspirin, or taking anti-inflammatory medications. These are relatively broad guidelines that apply to most patients—it’s important to know that your anatomy and goals are unique and that your plastic surgeon may have different requirements laid out for you. Please follow them as closely as you can.

Taking Action with A Blepharoplasty

If you’ve decided that it’s time to take back control of your aesthetic appeal, or that you’re sick of dealing with the inconvenience of ptosis, consider scheduling a consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon right away. Whether you need cosmetic or functional blepharoplasty—or a little of both—the highly trained medical professionals at Edelstein Cosmetic would love to have the opportunity to provide you with high end service and care. If you live in Toronto or you’ll be visiting in the near future, consider giving them a call to schedule a consultation where you can have all of your questions answered as they pertain to your unique anatomy and needs. Dial (416) 256-5614 at your earliest convenience to get started.

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    Before undergoing any Plastic Surgery procedure, consult an experienced and reputable Plastic Surgeon.
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