Is A Face Lift Right For You?

A face lift can give you a more youthful, less tired and worn appearance. The results can be dramatic.

The path to getting the best results from any cosmetic treatment starts with suitability. Will a face lift help you look better and more youthful, or will another procedure better achieve your desired goals? A private consultation with our facial surgery specialist, Dr. Jeffrey Fialkov, will determine this. Bring all of your questions and concerns to your consultation so that they may be addressed thoroughly by Dr. Fialkov, an award-winning Plastic Surgeon who is recognized as a leader in craniofacial plastic surgery.WHAT MAKES YOU A SUITABLE CANDIDATE FOR A FACE LIFTAs we age, skin becomes looser. Underlying tissues (fascia and fat pads) also sag. Excess tissue adversely affects the jawline and neck as the development of wrinkles, creases and sagging becomes more visible. A facelift is designed to remove excess skin and reposition deeper tissues for a smoother, firmer contour. The procedure targets the mid and lower thirds of the face (a brow lift and eyelid lift target the upper third). A dramatic improvement can be achieved in smoothing away the creases and sagging tissues that exist in the areas of your cheeks, around the mouth, along the jawline (jowls) and neck. If you are concerned about how aging has affected any of these areas, then a facelift may be right for you.

Dr. Fialkov will make sure you have:

realistic expectations

the goal of looking like yourself, but younger

relatively good health, both physically and psychologically

a stable and healthy weight

no underlying health conditions that may make surgery risky

a good understanding of the facelift procedure, as well as its related risks

the ability to stop smoking for a few weeks before and after surgery, to minimize complications with healing




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