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Is There An Alternative to Facelift Surgery?

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By Jerome Edelstein, MD

While facelift surgery offers many benefits and has been utilized to great success by thousands of patients the world over, it’s important to understand what your other options are and, as it pertains to your unique anatomy, whether or not they’ll be preferable to you at the current time.

“Liquid” Facelifts and Dermal Fillers

Liquid facelifts refer to the use of dermal fillers and Botox. This is a non-surgical option which can offer many similar benefits to a facelift. While the results aren’t as dramatic or long lasting, many patients have found that they aren’t quite ready yet for a facelift, but still would like to touch up their appearance—dermal fillers such as Juvederm might be the perfect solution. These kinds of cosmetic treatments aren’t permanent however, typically lasting between six months and two years. They are regularly used in an ongoing maintenance plan.

Laser Skin Treatments

Laser skin treatments can smooth out wrinkles and reduce the number of irregularities on the skin, making them a popular facelift alternative. They work by focusing an intense-but-safe beam of light over the skin to remove the very outer layer. The skin below regrows and heals, providing the patient with skin that appears far more youthful and vibrant, with less wrinkles and less sun or age spots.

Deciding When to Have a Facelift

Deciding when the right time for you to have a facelift is something that you can discuss with your plastic surgeon and consider on your own. The only requirement for a facelift will be that you’re in good general health—there is no age restriction for adults. Your plastic surgeon can suggest alternative treatments or help you decide whether or not the time for a facelift is now or five or ten years down the road.

Developing a Plan With Your Surgeon

The benefit of working with a plastic surgeon will be that you can consult with them regarding just about anything you need to know about cosmetic treatments. During your consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about facelifts and facelift alternatives—you’ll also be physically evaluated to better determine a treatment plan that’s completely customized to your unique anatomy. And that’s a very important consideration—since everyone’s body and aesthetic goals are different, no two treatment plans are going to be exactly the same. Working with a plastic surgeon allows you to discover what methods or treatments are going to work the best for you.

Over the course of your consultations, you’ll be able to lay out an ongoing treatment plan so that you can look and feel your best, whether or not you choose to have a facelift surgery. These treatment plans will usually involve maintenance and care strategies to keep you looking youthful and vibrant according to your unique goals.

Picking a Surgeon in Toronto

There are many excellent plastic surgeons in the Toronto area, but if you’d like to experience the benefits of working with an award winning medical practice, consider contacting the offices of Edelstein Cosmetic. This experienced and published group of plastic surgeon have been working with not only Canadian men and women for many years, but patients travel from abroad on a regular basis to take advantage of the expertise of the doctors and their team of medical professionals. The attention to care and long list of qualifications found at the offices of Edelstein Cosmetic can go a long way to making your cosmetic treatment plan an absolute success. If you’re ready to take action now and regain control over your appearance, dial (416) 256-5614 at your earliest convenience to schedule a consultation with the head of our facial surgery division, Dr Jeffrey Fialkov.

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