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Most Popular Facelift FAQ’s

The best way to have your questions about facelifts answered accurately will almost always be to schedule a consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon—this is because a medical professional can answer questions as they relate to you specifically: your goals, your unique anatomy, and as it pertains to anything else in your unique situation. Having said that, there are some questions which most patients are curious about before they have a facelift procedure. Let’s examine a few of them now.

When Can I Go Out in the Sun After a Facelift?

After you have a facelift surgery, it’s understandable that your facial skin will be relatively sensitive for a while. Therefore, direct exposure to sunlight for any extended period of time should be avoided for at least two weeks—or however long your plastic surgeon tells you. This will prevent the skin from becoming dry or worse, sunburned. If you do go out (for most of us it’s unavoidable at least a little bit), you probably won’t be able to apply sunscreen. Wear a cap as long as it doesn’t strain the face at all, or carry an umbrella for shade. Outdoor trips in the sunlight should be avoided as much as possible immediately after a facelift.  Thereafter, whenever you are going to be out in the sun for an extended length of time (longer than just walking to the car), make sure to put a sunscreen of at least 30 SPF on your incisions.  This will prevent the incisions from becoming stained red or brown permanently.

Is it Safe to Colour My Hair After the Surgery?

Immediately after the surgery? No. After a while? Yes—you’ll be able to continue your normal hair colouring routine. The reason to avoid hair colouring or similar processes after you have a facelift surgery is because these products can contain chemicals that, while normally not harmful, can be irritating to the sensitive skin of your face. Furthermore, the hair colouring could stain your incisions.  You’ll want to avoid hair colouring for four to six weeks. Consult with your plastic surgeon about hair colouring before you do it.

When Can I Get a Facial After Surgery?

Since the skin and tissue needs time to properly heal, treatments like facials shouldn’t be done for at least six weeks. You’ll likely want to avoid anything that involves stressing, touching, or straining the face. Ask your plastic surgeon about your plans and follow their instructions precisely. Your recovery is far more important than a facial.

Can I Use Makeup After a Facelift?

For the first two weeks, makeup should be avoided since these products likely contain bacteria which could take advantage of the skin and tissue’s weakened state.  After this amount of time (or the time as designated by your plastic surgeon) has passed, applying makeup is usually fine. Speak with the medical professional you’re working with about makeup, where you want to apply it, and when it’s safe to begin applying it again.

Final Considerations

If you’d like to have more questions like these answered in detail as they pertain to your unique goals and anatomy, please feel warmly encouraged to contact the offices of Edelstein Cosmetic right here in Toronto. You’ll be greeted by a professional yet friendly staff who would be more than happy to answer your questions or help you to set up a consultation at your earliest convenience. Remember, to get the most accurate answers to all of your questions as they pertain to you personally, a consultation is often the most efficient thing to do. Please feel encouraged to call (416) 256-5614 today to learn more about facelifts and other popular kinds of cosmetic treatments.

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    Before undergoing any Plastic Surgery procedure, consult an experienced and reputable Plastic Surgeon.
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