The Rapid Recovery Neck Lift And Facelift: Factors To Consider


A patient’s age will inform the manner in which Dr. Fialkov performs a neck lift. Part of his signature neck lift technique involves a customizable, graded treatment approach where the surgery is scaled to each patient’s needs. A patient in their 40s may receive satisfactory results from a neck lift alone while older individuals with jowls will typically require a partial lower neck facelift. Some patients may require a full facelift in order to address problems affecting the neck, jowls, lower and mid face (brows must be treated separately). Dr. Fialkov’s graded approach avoids unnecessary surgical steps and is able to minimize scarring.

Surgery is mainly recommended to people ranging in age from 40 and over, but some younger patients with fat deposits under their chins or “weak” chin structures may benefit from surgery as well.


Male and female patients receive neck lifts that are tailored to their physiology. Male skin is generally thicker and heavier. It also receives a greater blood supply due to the processes responsible for growing facial hair.

Procedure Selection

Dr. Fialkov creates a treatment plan for your neck changes depending on what the causes of the changes are. In cases where there are problematic neck cords, a midline muscle tuck through a tiny incision located underneath the chin is performed. Fat deposits underneath the chin are treated with liposuction. For more significant neck changes, a lateral neck muscle lift may be added, accomplished by making an incision behind the ear.COMPLEMENTARY PROCEDURES TO A FACELIFT AND NECK LIFT

Laser Skin Treatment

Highly advanced laser treatment systems can be used to improve the texture of the skin by eliminating common signs of aging such as sun damage and fine wrinkles that have developed. Combining a lift with laser therapy rejuvenates not just the neck but the entire face.

Facial Implants

Dr. Fialkov may recommend the placement of chin or cheek implants in order to improve weak or flat facial features. Since weak bone structures contribute to facial drooping, implants are capable of providing a dramatic complement to the neck/facelift’s results.

Brow Lift

Dr. Fialkov recommends a complete or partial brow lift for patients whose eyebrows have fallen below the bony region of the eye.

Eyelid Surgery

The surgical alteration of the upper or lower eyelids is the procedure most frequently performed alongside a neck/facelift. This improves wrinkles and sagging in this delicate area.




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