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Labial Reduction Complications

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By Jerome Edelstein, MD

Many women suffer from embarrassment or lack of self-confidence due to the size and/or shape of their labia minora (the inner lips of the vagina). If the labia minora protrudes or is overly long, a woman may be displeased by how her genital area looks. She may also feel discomfort when wearing bathing suits or engaging in sexual activity.LABIAL REDUCTION SURGERYLabial reduction surgery (or labiaplasty) works to improve the labia minora by trimming the inner folds so that they no longer protrude, through either surgically reducing the edges of the labia or removing a V-shaped wedge of tissue.LABIAL REDUCTION RISKS AND COMPLICATIONSLabial reduction, like all forms of surgery, involves certain risks and may not always be able to provide an optimal outcome. A patient’s potential for experiencing complications depends on her general health, the technique employed by the surgeon and certain physiological factors. The following risks occur in less than 1% of labial reduction surgeries. This rate is lowered even further when the procedure is performed by an experienced cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Jerome Edelstein our one of our other board certified Plastic Surgeons.

Labiaplasty patients are given antibiotics before the surgery begins, but even with this precaution in place, the incisions can become infected during recovery. This problem is rarely severe and can usually be treated through a course of oral antibiotics. Serious infections may require patients to receive intravenous antibiotics and, in some cases, undergo additional surgery.

Bleeding is uncommon, but may occur. Patients who prematurely resume engaging in strenuous activities or sexual activity are at greater risk of bleeding. If severe bleeding occurs, it should be addressed immediately with medical treatment.

Labiaplasty scarring, while typically invisible, varies in severity from patient to patient. Problematic scars (like overly wide or raised tissue) may require surgery to correct.

Problems that occur during the healing process can result in pain. Complications, such as a nerve being caught in scar tissue, can cause extreme discomfort and may require surgical attention.

Loss of Sensation
We are extremely careful when performing a labial reduction, but it is possible for sensory nerves of the genital area to be disrupted. Though extremely rare, if this issue occurs it may need to be treated through further surgery.LABIAL REDUCTION SUCCESS RATESEdelstein Cosmetic consistently provides its patients with safe labial reduction. In the vast majority of cases, women who have undergone labiaplasty are extremely satisfied with their results, reporting improved self-confidence and the resolution of discomfort from which they previously suffered.

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