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By Jerome Edelstein, MD

In order to find the best plastic surgeon in Toronto, a patient would be well advised to follow a few easy but effective steps, which we’ll be discussing here. First and foremost is to determine that the doctor you’re considering working with for your cosmetic surgery is both qualified and experienced; both of these factors will have a great impact on the successful outcome of your aesthetic goals.

If you’d like to schedule a consultation with an award winning plastic surgeon, please feel warmly welcomed to contact the medical professionals at Edelstein Cosmetic by dialing (416) 256-5614. The staff at this plastic surgery clinic will be more than happy to help you schedule a consultation where all of your questions will be answered and your concerns will be addressed.

Qualifications and Experience – Both Are Necessary

On your search for the top plastic surgeon in Toronto, you’ll want to remember that the most important part of this process should be to confirm the educational background, qualifications, and experience of the surgeon you may be working with. It helps to think of your initial consultation with a plastic surgeon as an interview of sorts—it provides both of you the opportunity to learn what it might be like should you decide to establish a doctor-patient relationship.

While gaining access to a surgeon’s qualifications in the field of plastic surgery should be a fairly simple affair once you ask for them—and if there is any difficulty, you need to find a different plastic surgeon immediately, as you most certainly aren’t going to receive the best plastic surgery in Toronto from someone who can’t even provide these basics—what’s potentially equally as important to investigate is the level of experience that the plastic surgeon has.

In addition to requesting references as well as many before and after images as possible, which we’ll discuss in just a moment, you should feel entirely comfortable to ask your prospective plastic surgeon a series of questions in order to evaluate not only their previous experiences, but their previous experiences performing the type of plastic surgery that you’re considering. You may have a surgeon that’s excellent at performing rhinoplasty, but this doesn’t make them an expert at performing breast augmentation surgery (although the two are not mutually exclusive practices for a plastic surgeon).

References and Before and After Images

By asking for references, you’ll have the opportunity to speak with people who have had experiences with the same doctor that you’re currently considering and inquire about their procedure. By spending an hour or so on the phone, you can get a true “insider’s look” at what you can expect if you do decide to continue to work with that plastic surgeon. When requesting before and after pictures, request that you be given the time necessary to fully appreciate and examine each before and after example—much better than briefly looking at each for a few seconds during the consultation.

Final Considerations and Your First Consultation

Ultimately, working with a top plastic surgeon in Toronto means that you should feel comfortable and secure during every step of the process, including the first time you meet them. During your initial consultation, be prepared to ask as many questions as you like. The doctor you choose to work with should be amicable and willing to answer all of your questions in a straightforward and honest way, and never making you feel intimidated or uncomfortable for any reason. This will be your first step to receiving the top plastic surgery in Toronto.

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