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Lip lift is a surgical procedure that involves removing a small strip of skin under the nose to restore a youthful and attractive lip.

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    An upper lip lift is a surgical procedure that involves removing a small strip of skin under the nose to restore a youthful, attractive lip that is classically defined as having a relatively short white skin portion to the upper lip and a full, everted red portion of the upper lip.

    The distance between the base of the nose and the top of the red upper lip (also known as the philtrum distance) usually lengthens as one ages while the red upper lip loses volume and becomes less everted. The lip lift procedure can be very effective in providing long-lasting rejuvenative results in the region around the mouth, and also avoid the need for repeated lip filler injections. This procedure is also great as it can make the lip more receptive to fillers in those patients who desire to use them for more red lip augmentation in the future.
    The bullhorn lip lift is the most common lip lift technique that involves placing an incision in the shape of a bullhorn along the curvature around the base of the nose, removing a small amount of skin as predetermined at the time of preoperative consultation, followed by meticulous closure of the incision in a layered, tension-free fashion. The procedure can be performed alone under local anesthesia (or under some IV sedation for comfort) or in conjunction with other facial rejuvenation procedures such as a face/necklift.

    Lip Lift Techniques

    There exist several other lip lift techniques including an Italian lip lift and a gullwing lip lift. Our clinic exclusively uses the bullhorn lip lift technique as it has several advantages compared to other lip lift procedures. These include: 1) a less noticeable incision as the incision is hidden under the nose; 2) better tension distribution when closing the wound, which allows for better scar formation; and 3) a more natural appearance of the upper lip.

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    Lip Lift Candidates

    Patients who are good candidates for a lip lift procedure include those who wish to: 1) shorten their white upper lip distance; 2) increase the exposure of the red portion of the upper lip; 3) increase their tooth show; and/or 4) have a better-defined cupid’s bow (the shape of the upper edge of the red lip).

    Patients who are not good candidates for a lip lift procedure are those who already have a short philtrum distance or a good tooth show as well as those who cannot quit smoking during the perioperative period. In addition, patients who cannot accept surgical risks of a lip lift, such as having a postoperative scar (most surgeries, including lip lifts, will leave some scarring that is within acceptable limits) and the rare possibility of a nasal tip/base distortion, are not good candidates for this procedure and may benefit from alternative options such as filler injections.

    Most patients will be able to appreciate their shortened, fuller upper lip immediately after the surgery, however it may take up to several months for the swelling and scarring to fade to arrive at the final result of the lip lift.

    *Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person*

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