Facial And Neck Liposuction

Facial and neck liposuction is a popular procedure due to its ability to provide more natural-looking results than facelifts. For suitable patients, it can lead to fewer scars, carries less risk, and has a faster recovery period.Despite the many advantages of liposuction, some patients may not be suitable for the procedure. In cases where an individual presents larger neck skin folds and minimal subcutaneous fat, a facelift may be more appropriate.

Even though the procedure is usually referred to as “facial and neck liposuction,” we actually target other areas of the face when performing the surgery. These include regions such as the submental chin, jowls, cheeks and neck.SUBMENTAL CHIN LIPOSUCTIONThe submental chin is a term used to define the area running from below the jaw line to the front of the neck. Genetics may lead to fat collection in this area, creating the impression of an older, chubbier or less healthy person. Chin liposuction is a popular treatment to recontour the chin.CHEEKS AND SUBCUTANEOUS FAT – BUCCAL FAT EXCISIONSubcutaneous fat can accumulate in the cheeks and lead an otherwise fit individual to appear overweight or bloated. The cheeks often resist the benefits of healthy eating and exercise since their tendency to collect fat can also result from a genetic predisposition. In contrast to liposuction in other areas, we will often remove this fat using a small incision inside the mouth. This cheek liposuction is called a buccal fat excision.JOWLSJowls refer to fat that has collected in the area where the lower cheek covers the jaw bone. Like the submental chin, this fat can lead to the kind of facial features that we typically associate with advanced age.PLATYSMA BANDS – LIPOSUCTION AND MUSCLE TIGHTENINGPlatysma bands are vertical skin folds that develop in the front of the neck. These bands typically develop with age and are made up of both fat and superficial muscles. We treat this area by employing both liposuction and muscle tightening techniques. During the neck lipo procedure, a general anesthetic is administered. Then, a small incisionis created on the underside of the chin and then sutures the muscles together. By combining both liposuction and muscle tightening, patients are able to reduce the appearance of platysma bands for a smoother neck contour that is more youthful.WRINKLE REMOVALFace liposuction can lead to incredible improvements in a patient’s appearance, making them appear younger and more attractive. It cannot eliminate facial wrinkles, though. Those who wish to couple their facial and neck liposuction with wrinkle removal are advised to look into microdermabrasion, chemical peels, dermabrasion, laser resurfacing procedures or a combination of these treatments. These techniques may also help to resolve uneven skin pigmentation, acne scars and more. Undergoing wrinkle removal treatments alongside facial and neck liposuction leads to a great improvement in a patient’s overall appearance.




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