Female Back Liposuction

Back liposuction is able to provide women with significant improvements to their appearance. By tailoring a liposuction procedure to your specific needs, we are able to eliminate unwanted back fat and provide you with a sleeker body contour.

The back can be split up into different treatment areas.INFRA-SCAPULARThe infra-scapular back refers to the area of the back located just below the bra strap. Many women are genetically predisposed toward collecting fat in this region, a problem that can lead to prominent bulging when wearing a bra. When an individual’s weight continues to increase, this area will continue accumulating fat, leading to the development of parallel rolls of fat.

All fatty tissue is made up of a combination of fat cells and the fibrous connective tissues that hold these cells in place. Fat in the infra-scapular contains much more fibrous tissue than other areas of the body, and it can be particularly true if you have lost a lot of weight. This is because significant weight loss shrinks fat cells while leaving behind a disproportionate amount of fibrous tissue.

This can make performing liposuction on the area challenging. Rather than attempt to penetrate the dense composition of fibrous tissue found in the infra-scapular with large cannulae, we treat the area using microcannulae (cannulae of a very small diameter). This allows us to transition to larger instruments as the procedure continues and better penetrate the tissue. Gradually increasing the size of cannula ensures optimal liposuction efficacy, even when operating on troublesome fibrous tissue.BUFFALO HUMPExcessive weight gain often leads to the development of localized fatty tissue on the mid-upper back. This collection of tissue becomes increasingly noticeable in relation to higher levels of obesity and is referred to as the Cervico-Dorsal or Buffalo Hump. This hump can be dramatically, easily and safely reduced with liposuction.LUMBO-SACRAL FAT PADSThe lumbo-sacral fat pads are small deposits of fatty tissue located on the lower back. This area is much easier to treat with liposuction than the more fibrous infra-scapular area.

Please note that during the consultation, we will examine a patient’s lower back in order to check for a focal lipoma (a hairy birth mark) before deciding to operate. The presence of a lumbo-sacral lipoma can be a sign of a lower spine defect that must be x-rayed and properly assessed before surgery goes forward.POSTERIOR WAISTThe posterior waist (the area where the back meets the buttocks) is often overlooked when body contouring liposuction is being planned, despite the fact that it may contain a large fat deposit.




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