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How to Reduce Swelling After Liposuction

The liposuction procedure carries along some side effects with it that are normal after the procedure, but they may alarm you at first. Swelling is one of those side effects and while completely normal, you should make sure that you take steps to reduce and prevent it when possible.

In general, you will experience more swelling when you have multiple areas performed. Also, the closer to your legs and feet the location of the liposuction, the more swelling you may experience as well.

If you are ever concerned about your swelling or something does not feel right, let your plastic surgeon know right away. Swelling that is localized in one area or swelling that is considered “too much,” can be concerning and needs to be looked at.

Swelling: Tips for Prevention

Keep in mind, swelling can last for weeks, sometimes even months in many patients. The length that you will experience swelling for will depend on the location of the liposuction along with your medical factors, such as whether or not you have any diseases, if you are on prescription medications, and  similar.

It is also important to remember that everyone heals differently and you should not compare your swelling to someone else’s as this can cause panic and concern for no reason.

Wear a Compression Garment

If you are not wearing a compression garment, you will notice that you swell more. It is important that you wear one as directed by your plastic surgeon. The garment itself should fit snugly and will help contour your body, reduce swelling, and also reduce bleeding after the procedure.

Typically, you will wear the garment for a few weeks after the procedure is performed. In addition, the garment will help you heal faster.

Go For a Light Walk

It is generally recommended that you enjoy a light walk in the weeks following your procedure. Of course, you do not want to run around or engage in strenuous activities, but walking helps to prevent swelling and blood clots from forming in your lower legs.

Use Ice Packs

You can prevent swelling and keep it minimal by using ice packs after your procedure. The ice will help keep the swelling down and fight off any discomfort you may experience from the procedure.

When used in conjunction with your pain medication, you can help yourself feel better and heal much quicker.

Give Yourself a Light Massage

Lightly massaging the area where the procedure was performed can help reduce swelling as well. You want to avoid over stimulating the area and a quick, couple minute, soft massage is ideal.

Following the above tips can help you achieve great results from your procedure and reduce swelling at the same time. If you ever have a concern about the swelling, contact your plastic surgeon right away.

If you would like to discuss liposuction with a professional Toronto plastic surgeon, give Edelstein Cosmetic a call today. We look forward to meeting you and helping you look amazing.

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