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Liposuction Myths and Facts

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By Jerome Edelstein, MD

Liposuction has been around for decades and although it is not new to the medical industry, many people are confused about the procedure or believe myths that circulate around about it. It is never wise to blindly believe something you heard simply because someone you know said it. Before you jump to a conclusion, we will go over some of the most common myths and facts about liposuction.

Myth #1 – Liposuction will help me lose weight

Liposuction is designed to eliminate fatty deposits and not designed to serve as a weight loss aid. When you want to have liposuction performed, you should be at or near your goal weight. In fact, if you are in a position where you want to lose weight, liposuction is not a procedure you would be right for.

The procedure should be thought of as a contouring aid that helps you remove fat in areas that it is hard to get rid of. If your fat is not responding to weight training, exercise, and diet, then liposuction is a good choice.

Fact #1 – Fluid is injected into your tissues prior to the procedure

The liquid injected into your tissues is designed to help loosen fat and allow it to be dislodged easily when liposuction is being performed. The fluid is generally eliminated during the procedure, but when performing liposuction on a large area, the fluid may be retained and then eliminated over the following 24 to 72 hours.

Myth #2 – Liposuction is not really a surgical procedure

While you may think that it is not, it is. When having the procedure performed, you will be given a local anesthetic and often a general anesthesic as well. Incisions are made on the skin and, just as any other surgical procedure, down time is needed.

Fact #2 – It takes time to heal

Once your liposuction procedure is over, you will need to rest and relax until you are healed. You cannot perform any strenuous activities for a couple of weeks.

In addition, you may be a bit sore after the procedure is done and some swelling is normal.

Myth #3 – Liposuction is permanent

In fact, it is not and that is why it is recommended that you are at or close to your goal weight before having the procedure performed. If you gain too much or lose too much weight, you will notice a difference in the way you look and your results will change over time.

Fact #3 – Liposuction is not risk free

While it would be nice to know that there are no risks associated with the procedure, it is not that simple. There are risks that go along with the procedure and this is why it is important that you have a qualified professional on your side. Your plastic surgeon will let you know of the risks you face and how to handle the procedure.

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