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Edelstein Cosmetic is one of the top liposuction clinics in Canada. Our leading plastic aesthetic surgeons have performed thousands of different cosmetic surgeries, with liposuction one of the most commonly performed.LOWER BODY AREAS TREATED BY LIPOSUCTION IN CANADA
ABDOMINAL LIPOSUCTION / LIPOSUCTION ON STOMACHThe abdomen is one of the most common areas for localized fat to develop and can be extremely difficult to reduce or tone though lifestyle changes alone. The problem can occur as the result of such factors as obesity, deep subcutaneous fat deposits, c-section, age or gravity. Though many people suffer from stubborn abdominal fat that doesn’t respond to exercise or diet, Edelstein Cosmetic frequently resolves this problem with effective stomach liposuction treatment. Stomach fat (or localized subcutaneous adipose tissue) typically responds well to liposuction.

A bulging or extended abdomen can also be the result of separated abdominal muscles, in which case a tummy tuck is more effective as treatment.Do the Pinch Test
Potential patients who want to know whether or not they’re eligible for abdominal liposuction can perform a simple test. If it’s possible to grab a soft, mobile fold of skin and fat between your thumb and fingers that’s easy to move up and down, you may be able to get rid of it with liposuction.OUTER THIGHThe outer thighs are prone to developing localized collections of excess fat and subcutaneous tissue, often referred to as “saddlebags.” Localized thigh fat most often develops in women and can be hereditary or the result of excessive caloric intake without sufficient exercise to compensate. Whatever the cause, reducing or toning localized outer thigh fat deposits can be extremely difficult. Fortunately, Dr. Edelstein is able to treat this issue by administering liposuction to the outer thigh and area under the buttock — the regions of the body that contribute to “saddlebags.”INNER THIGH FAT REMOVALThe inner thighs are, much like the outer thighs, a common concern for Dr. Edelstein’s liposuction patients. Fat deposits located on the inner thighs can be unflattering, making the legs look bulky. As the thighs constantly rub together, the skin in the area may also become irritated and inflamed. Dr. Edelstein addresses this condition by performing liposuction on thighs, removing fat while leaving behind smoother and better contoured legs. Recovery from inner thigh liposuction is typically faster than other areas of the body.FRONT THIGH FAT REMOVALWhere other areas of the body may benefit from volume reduction, excessive fat removal of this region can lead to unsightly skin irregularities or unnatural contours. When more than 60% of the subcutaneous fat is removed, patient dissatisfaction is much higher than it otherwise would be. Because of this, Dr. Edelstein concentrates more on creating an improved thigh contour with strategically targeted fat removal, rather than just removing all unwanted fat present.BUTTOCKSMost patients seeking fat removal in this area are concerned with unwanted deposits that develop below the horizontal crease just beneath the lower contour of the buttocks. In these cases, liposuction is performed on the lower back (just above the buttocks), the back of the thigh (just below the fold) or on the hips. Like the front of the thighs, excessive buttocks fat removal can lead to disappointing, unnatural results. Dr. Edelstein uses caution and an expert aritistic eye to create a natural-looking, properly curved effect that gives his patients a slim, but well-rounded posterior.INNER KNEE FAT REMOVALDeposits located around the inner knee can be the result of genetics and are extremely difficult to treat through exercise and diet. For safety reasons, the entire knee can’t be targeted with liposuction. However, Dr. Edelstein can sculpt the inner areas of the knee to create an aesthetically pleasing leg contour. Treatment of these areas alone is all that’s necessary to give patients an improved look. They are also the only regions of the knee that should be treated. The top and outer knee cannot be easily changed and the back of the knee contains too many fragile, vital nerves and blood vessels for knee liposuction to be safely performed.CALVESThe calves are primarily composed of muscle, with only one layer of low volume fat. For this reason, they are rarely areas of the body where fat deposits develop. Genetic predisposition and excess weight may cause the bottom of the legs to look overly full and the Achilles tendons to lose definition, however. In these cases, Dr. Edelstein uses liposuction to remove fat and sculpt calf contours (often together with the ankles). Before he decides on this course of treatment, though, Dr. Edelstein will assess the make-up of the area. If the calves are large due to muscle development and not fat localization, liposuction would not be the appropriate treatment option.ANKLESHereditary factors may obscure the typically narrow area where the lower calf and ankle meet, diminishing the contour of the leg and resulting in the appearance of a shapeless “cankle.” Regardless of age, weight or leg length, ankles like these can naturally develop. Luckily, liposuction is often very effective in treating this problem if it is due to excessive fat. The fat deposits that develop on ankles are not deeply placed and respond well to the use of liposuction. Dr. Edelstein has extensive experience treating this area, therefore he understands that a delicate touch is necessary. He uses fine instruments to avoid creating skin irregularities.




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