Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction (UAL)

Ultrasonic assisted liposuction (UAL) is a popular treatment option for the removal of stubborn fat deposits. Since its introduction in 1987 as a tool used to liquefy (and aid in the removal of) fat, ultrasound technology is now the foundation of one of the most advanced methods of liposuction used today.THE BENEFITS OF ULTRASOUND LIPOSUCTIONThe application of ultrasonic energy waves is able to selectively destroy adipose (fatty) tissue while also loosening its cellular structure. UAL is highly adaptable, allowing patients to treat either small areas (without harming important surrounding tissue) or work to create more noticeable, body-wide transformations. Ultrasonic therapy improves on traditional liposuction techniques by causing far less intra-operative blood loss, limiting post-operative bruising and providing fat removal in areas of the body that are typically difficult to treat successfully.

The ultrasound fat removal procedure is extremely safe and minimally invasive. Ultrasonic liposuction is also an ideal form of treatment for patients who have previously undergone liposuction, but require revisionary work or further body contouring.THE UAL PROCEDUREThe procedure begins with the injection of a solution known as tumescent fluid into the layer of fat located just underneath the skin. This fluid serves several purposes: shrinking the blood vessels, numbing the target area and temporarily expanding the volume of the affected tissue in order to make fat removal easier. Once the solution has taken effect, your surgeon inserts a small probe that emits ultrasonic energy. This energy shakes fat cells loose without harming nearby connective tissue, blood vessels or nerves. Loosened fat cells — liquefied fatty deposits — mix with the tumescent fluid and can then be removed more easily through suction. UAL reduces bleeding, which means that less blood is removed with the suctioned fat (aspirate).

Ultrasonic assisted liposuction is able to provide impressive results and minimal risks due to its ability to destroy fat while leaving other tissues unharmed. Because the fat cells are liquefied, your surgeon is better able to treat the target area without causing tissue trauma, which obscures results and slows patient recovery. Easier fat removal also allows for better body contouring and an improved patient outcome. Ultrasonic liposuction reviews from our patients are overwhelmingly positive!SKIN TIGHTENING – A GREAT SIDE EFFECT OF ULTRASONIC LIPOSUCTIONSkin tightening is a positive side effect of UAL. During the procedure, the ultrasonic probe gently stimulates skin. This stimulation prompts the skin to retract better to the new contours of the treated area, which has been reduced in size by the removal of fat. Due to tissue composition, the upper arms or back rolls often achieve the best results, as well as the inner knees and flanks (the ‘love handles’). This is unlike traditional liposuction, which frequently leaves the skin loose and saggy, unable to retract.

Please note that the extent of a patient’s skin tightening results depends on their quality of skin and age. However, we have found that many ultrasonic liposuction patients do not require additional treatment to address lax skin in treated areas.




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