Mommy Makeover in Toronto: Important Questions You Need to Ask At Your Consultation

Many people spend countless hours researching their cosmetic surgery procedure before they meet a plastic surgeon for the first time. It can be a helpful way to organize and plan your transformation. It’s also possible to overload on information and arrive at your consultation a little nervous or forgetful. We’ve created a list of essential questions you should ask before a mommy makeover in Toronto.

Questions To Ask Your Toronto Mommy Makeover Surgeon

Am I an ideal candidate for this surgery?

If you have a healthy body mass index, no uncontrolled medical conditions and it’s been at least 6 months since you gave birth, you could be an excellent candidate. The questions your surgeon will ask about your health and lifestyle help to determine if you’ll get optimal results from the procedure. They’ll want to determine that you have realistic goals, understand the risks and limitations as well.

Which procedures should my makeover include?

Planning which body areas to improve through surgery is a matter of preference and priority. You’ll be able to share your aesthetic goals; then your surgeon will let you know how many can be combined safely and effectively. There are some limits related to the length of surgery. Most patients can have two or 3 areas treated at once.

What techniques will you use?

This question can help you envision what your incisions will be like and what to expect from recovery. It’s important to know which type of tummy tuck you will have because the various methods include different components.

Do I need a lift?

Many people assume that the solution for their deflated breast tissue is merely adding volume through the insertion of a breast implant. A breast lift, which repositions the nipple and removes excess skin, might be the best way to create the perky, rejuvenated breasts you really want. Implants and a lift can be done together with an augmentation mammoplasty. Your surgeon will assess you and advise you on the best approach.

How much time should I take off?

Your plastic surgeon will advise you to take time off work following a mommy makeover in Toronto. Exactly how much time will depend on your unique situation. Your consultation is an excellent opportunity to share about the nature of your job and what physical tasks you do at home as well. You’ll need to pause your gym membership and may need to request modifications to your regular workload when you return.

Where will scars be placed?

Cosmetic surgery means unavoidable scars, but your plastic surgeon will endeavour to place them strategically, so they’re hidden in clothes or a swimsuit. They’ll also advise you about how you can heal quickly and diminish the appearance of scars. Incisions typically heal within a few weeks, but you can count on several months until the scars flatten and fade.

What post-operative appointments will I have?

Choosing an experienced, reputable surgeon is essential, but the care you receive after surgery is critical too. You’ll want to ensure there’s a post-op plan that includes follow up visits, ongoing assessment and communication.There are plenty more questions to ask during your mommy makeover consultation. You should feel completely at ease asking and receiving clear answers. If you forget something, don’t worry. You’ll have more appointments before your surgery to finalize details and get thoroughly prepared. If you’d like to schedule a private consultation, we welcome you to contact Edelstein Cosmetic.




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