Asian Rhinoplasty

Every patient who undergoes a nose job is unique. Their particular facial features, health and expectations determine what surgical techniques are applied to achieve the most desirable enhancement. While every patient is different, many Asian patients share several key nasal and facial characteristics (these may or may not apply to you).

Nasal Tip Projection and Definition

If the tip of a person’s nose does not project fully enough, Dr. Fialkov will use cartilage suturing and grafting techniques that require the utmost precision to increase tip projection. In the Asian nose, this often requires enhancing the definition of the nasal tip. This can be done with cartilage reduction, grafting and sometimes soft tissue reduction as well. Dr Fialkov then uses special suture techniques in order to fold the cartilage into a more defined and refined shape.Asian patients often have weaker nasal tip cartilage which may require reinforcement with extra cartilage to achieve definition and projection. This extra cartilage can be taken from either a hidden crease behind the ear or from the septum (the tissue that separates the nostril air passages) to create supporting structures that enhance definition and projection of the tip.

Nasal Bridge

Many Asian patients have low, broad nasal bridges. In order to achieve better definition and refinement of the nose, the bridge may be narrowed and augmented with graft. This must be undertaken with caution in order to maintain the ethnic character of the nose, while refining it aesthetically.

Nostril Narrowing

The extent to which the nostrils should be narrowed is heavily influenced by the ethnic background of the patient. In general, Dr Fialkov applies advanced rhinoplasty surgical techniques in order to project the nasal tip which in turn also narrows the nostrils without adversely affecting their curvature or creating visible scars that can both leave the nose looking unnatural.

A natural, ethnically compatible shape and size of nose is extremely important in a given person’s appearance. While improving the aesthetics of the nose, Dr. Fialkov is careful not to make alterations that appear unnatural. This includes over “Westernizing” a patient of Asian heritage.




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