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The first thing you notice about Roxanna, an internationally renowned singer and songwriter, is her positively flawless skin. Her skin is smooth, supple, without visible pores, and unmarked by any blemishes.

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    How Roxanna Achieved Flawless Skin

    Roxanna uses a series of skincare treatments performed to improve her complexion, and a customized daily skincare regimen.

    Her Skincare Secret

    Roxanna’s secret to keeping her skin firm and supple is Skin Remodeling System (RMD) treatments.

    “You see?” Roxanna hangs her head to the left and pinches her left cheek. “Before I got these treatments, my skin would just hang there. Now, it snaps back!”

    For discolouration, acne and an overall rejuvenation of her complexion, she used Dermaroller microneedling and skin peels. These non-surgical methods of skin enhancement have dramatically made her complexion more healthy and youthful. When Roxanna experiences a breakout, she schedules a skin peel to quickly eliminate it. She also applies topical antibiotics when on the road, which has becoming more frequent as she promotes her song, Close Your Eyes.

    To complement her in-clinic treatments, Roxanna follows a personalized daily skincare regimen using pharmaceutical grade product lines, Biophora and Obaji. These lines are available at Edelstein Cosmetic, and that they are tested by the staff to prove their effectiveness before being offered to patients.

    Roxanna’s Healthy Skincare Tips

    “Drink lots of water, get your sleep and make sure you apply sunscreen every single day. I use SPF40 and reapply several times throughout the day.”

    She has another tip. “Put fresh lemon juice in everything. Your food, your drinks,” Roxanna advises. “But make sure you rinse your mouth afterward, to protect your teeth.”

    Roxanna’s first album, Exotica, was released internationally on July 8, 2014.

    Roxanna - Skin Treatment

    “Over the years, I’ve noticed that elasticity and discolouration have become the two biggest problems with my complexion. I have also noticed that stress can cause acne breakouts, and it gets worse the older I get.”

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